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[FOR HIRE] Marketing Automation Specialist - Let me automate your marketing processes, build out your CRM and ultimately save you time and money

Hi - I’m a Baltimore-based digital marketer and web developer with nearly a decade of experience helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and political clients achieve their marketing goals.

My areas of expertise:

  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • B2B Marketing
  • Email marketing automation
  • Content Development
  • PPC/PPA ad management
  • Social media management and ads
  • Full digital analytics suite
  • Remarketing and ad automation
  • AI-powered marketing
  • Chatbots
  • ... many other areas

Rates start at $50/hr but also consider project based compensation.

[For Hire] I can automate your processes with excel VBA and save you time and labor to do repetitive tasks.

I have saved my current company several $100ks in annual labor costs by automating processes that are repetitive and all done using excel!

Looking for an opportunity to make some extra cash while working from home in the evenings. Message me if interested!

Rates can be $50 - $500 depending on complexity.

[HIRING] (Online) Python or Ruby developer to explain how they would automate form submission (EST or GMT)

I'm looking to hire a Python or Ruby developer to help me create a script which will submit a webform (which requires login). This can be either by automating a headless browser or emulating the form submission.

I have listed this as Python or Ruby as these are my preferred languages:
Python to hopefully integrate with a Zapier function, or Ruby as I'm currently learning this language and would like to see how it could be implemented with Mechanize/Nokogiri/other methods but need some help.

I'm looking for someone to talk through how they would accomplish this and include sample code with explanation as this is something that I want to eventually be able to do myself. I'm also open to discussion on how to do this - whether through a chat, creating a walkthrough and responding to questions after the fact, or something else.

I've budgeted $20/hour for this, but honestly I don't know what I should be paying for this sort of thing, so I'm also open to discussion.

Preferably PayPal, open to other secure payment options.

[Hiring] (Remote) Implementation Specialist for SaaS-based company

Hi there! I currently employ about 12 full-time staff hired directly from this subreddit that I keep coming back to for the past 3 years. Last week I hired a CSR and now I have a slightly different role I am hiring for.

We are SaaS-based company that works with organizations who want to streamline and automate their awards, grants, and scholarship programs. We are looking for an implementation specialist to help on-board these customers onto our platform.

Your daily responsibilities will be to learn as much as you can about a customer’s programs and formulate a plan on how we will configure our software based on the customer’s requirements. You must be a good multi-tasker with great attention to detail, tracking all communications and keeping materials organized. Ensure that the platform is fully configured to the customer's specifications. Interface with the customer on any change requests that are necessary. The success of the customer depends entirely on you.

We have many remote support staff spread all across the USA and Canada. We use Slack to communicate and you will have a whole team backing you up.

Hours & Compensation

  • Full time position
  • 9am/10am EST to 5pm/6pm EST
  • $19/hr base + bonuses ($2k-$5k annual)


  • Lives in USA or Canada
  • Proficient with technology and SaaS-based solutions
  • Fast internet connection (dual monitor setup preferred)
  • Friendly, patient, and calm demeanor
  • Ability to multi-task and be independent
  • Excellent at both written and verbal communication


  • Experience with HTML/CSS/JavaScript preferred, but not required

Our most successful candidates tend to have experience managing websites and working in content management systems like Wordpress or CRMs like Salesforce. If you are interested in learning more about this position and our company, and seeing if it may be a fit for you, please send me a PM. We look forward to hearing from you.

[Hiring] (Remote/Online) Photoshop Face/Outfit Editor - $15+/edit

I am looking for "selfie" photoshopping experts!

I am building a service that uses AI to automate the photoshop/facetune process so that everyone can have access to these tools former saved for celebrities and influencers. I need help creating "examples" of what this technology will be able to do. I am hiring a photoshop/facetune expert to take a stock image I own and transform the model's hair, makeup, and outfit.

I've included the stock photo here:

And here are a few examples of what I need you to accomplish:

Photoshopping hairstyle

Photoshopping makeup

Photoshopping outfit

There are 30 total edits needed. I am offering $15/edit with a total budget of $450. Please email this address for more information:

This project needs to be completed within the next 7 days, so please contact me ASAP if you're interested. Please include a portfolio of your work - looking forward to hearing from you!

[Hiring] I have $60 and I'm looking to hire an Excel/VBA Wizard to make a file for me

Hello everyone,

I am in search of a person who is extremely proficient with Excel and VBA to create an automated data matching file for me. I know Excel pretty well, I don't need to use a mouse when using it, but I just don't have enough knowledge with VBA to create the file I need.

I'll try to list out the capabilities of the excel file that I need to be created.

1) Have a form where I can compare two different datasets (I'll call them A and B for reference here) and find criteria that match between them based on criteria and a ranking system. I want to be able to input a list of unique identifiers from A and compare the specified criteria between A to B and output these matches.

2) I want to be able to specify criteria, which would be the column headers of the datasets (they have the same format just different values) and to have these column headers automatically inputted into a drop-down menu where I can select them as criteria. The two datasets all have a unique identifier in the first column and the rest of the columns have fields that are shared between one another.

3) The matches should be outputted from best to worst and they have to be grouped as such. I want to output the criteria that matched and the ones that didn't. This doesn't mean the criteria category but the actual values that matched. For example, I want to know A and B match based on the color criteria and their matching color is blue, and have this for all the matches.

It's hard for me to describe exactly what is needed so I made an excel file that outlines what I am looking for. I made a dummy data file for two databases containing information on cars and structured examples using it. Please take a look at the file before contacting me to make sure you have the skills to create something like this. It requires multidimensional data analysis along with using a form to fully automate the workbook so please make sure you can do stuff like this.

Things relating to the hiring itself:

  • Turnaround time less than 3 days
  • I am willing to negotiate on the price of $60 but the price will be set before any work is started.
  • You will be paid through Paypal Business only so that both of us are protected
  • I will pay 50% once I am given proof that you are halfway done with the project (a video would work) and I will pay the full amount once I receive the file.
  • If your file turns out great, I have a couple of other similar excel projects that need completing and I will hire you for those as well if you want

PM me,


[Hiring] NYC or Remote - Looking for a data scientist or someone to automate a social media mining platform

We are looking for someone who can take JSON data on an individual (happy to manipulate the data into a format you are comfortable with) and find that person's social media footprint automatically.

Our budget is approximately $10k-$15k for this. Happy to discuss further, we supply a lot of information already.


We tell you that Jon Doe works at Reddit, lives in Sacremento, and has a wife named Betsy. Your job is to find if Jon has a social media footprint and to return the profiles/links to those sites.

[Hiring] Automate my last task with script

I have some of the code but fuck you, someone else do it. The last guy did a good job but got tagged by identity tracking.

script it so I can do as many accounts as I want and I will pay 50. assume proxies

[Hiring] (Online) $20 I need help with Google Sheets, someone to teach me how to automate inserting repeating formulas into a column using what I believe is ArrayFormulas.

I've researched this for hours and I'm at a loss.

I'm populating a column which is pulling from a different page. It's the same cells I'm pulling from, and they repeat. I've started manually typing them, but I have thousands of these to do.

Example of where I need help. I'm working in Column K on a sheet, and I need to pull a single number from columns A, D, G, J and M. After every 5 results, the number goes up by 11 (moving down 11 rows)

K101 =Results!A248

K102 =Results!D248

K103 =Results!G248

K104 =Results!J248

K105 =Results!M248

K106 =Results!A259

K107 =Results!D259

K108 =Results!G259

K109 =Results!J259

K110 =Results!M259

K111 =Results!A270

K112 =Results!D270

K113 =Results!G270

K114 =Results!J270

K115 =Results!M270

As you can see, I'm always pulling from the same 5 columns, and once I put in 5, I have to drop down 11 rows.

The sheet I am pulling from may have 600 entrees, or others may have 1,000 entrees. The info is always in the same 5 columns, and the rows always go up by 11 after every 5.

There has to be a way to automate this all the way down my K column, to populate the equation if there is data contained in the field, and once it hits an empty field, it stops.


I can pay with paypal, chasepay, or venmo.