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[For Hire] Code Mentor: Learning how to code? Frustrated? Bootcamps proved to expensive? Your time is invaluable, let me help you use it most efficiently!

TLDR: Who am I?

Hello there! 👋 I'm a self-taught sr. software engineer with over 5 years experience in the field as both developer and mentor. Positively energetic, patient, and above all else, passionate about browser performance optimization, clean code and best practices. In look of an awesome mentor to get you into the field? If so, I'm your guy!


I love transparency, so expect a long post 😉

  1. What is a Coding Mentor?
  2. Benefits of Hiring a Mentor, and what I can do for you
  3. Mentorship vs Bootcamps
  4. Long Version: Who am I?
  5. My Skill Set
  6. Testimonials and Recommendations
  7. Next Steps, Contact, and Payment Information

1. What is a Coding Mentor?

A coding mentor is a person which creates the correct amount of accountability and support to help you reach whatever goal you desire. Be it by learning development as a profession from scratch, learning a new tool or framework, or simply furthering your skills.

But unlike a teacher or instructor, a mentor's role is more passive. A mentor will not provide you with lectures, or material. But instead, he will guide you through what you learn, get you unstuck, and offer advice based on his/her years of expertise.

Because this also means you will be doing most of the work, an unexpected benefit of hiring a mentor is you become self-guided and autonomous as a developer. Which often translates to successful leadership positions early on.

2. Benefits of Hiring a Mentor, and what I can do for you

  • Providing direction. While being self taught is great, it can be a frustrating experience not knowing what to learn next and in what order to become a proficient developer in the most time efficient manner. I can guide you.
  • Diminish frustration. A common problem with being self taught, is the demoralizing experience that comes when you can't solve even simple problems despite hours of troubleshooting, and have nobody to ask for help. I can be that support, and provide plenty of techniques to quickly troubleshoot problems.
  • Building a portfolio. What should be the simple task of building a portfolio of projects, often snowballs out of control with questions like: What should I build? What if it becomes too complex? How do I build it?. And ends up with you building 0 projects. I can help you come up with realistic portfolio ideas, scope them, and build them following industry best practices.
  • Save time. There is no such thing as the perfect resource to learn coding, and you can waste a lot of time with poor quality material online. I can reduce this time wastage by helping you find quality learning material quickly.
  • Stand out from the crowd. I can do this by sharing with you my ample interview expertise both as an applicant, and interviewer who reviews candidates for web development positions on a daily basis.

3. Mentorship vs Bootcamps

Bootcamps are a fantastic way to accelerate your learning and get into the web development industry. However, you are then faced with the challenging decision of picking the correct one for you. And even if you pick the correct one, there are still 3 main factors you should consider before joining a bootcamp:

  • Classroom group environments aren't great to get all the attention you need. While classroom group bootcamps are often cheap, these come with the drawback you won't ever really get the instructor's full attention. As it will be divided between the group members.
    • How I can help: I offer personalized, direct 1:1 on an on-demand basis. No distractions.
  • One-size-fits-all solutions don't always work, and go out of date quickly. A common issue with a lot of programs is that they are faced with the challenge of predicting how every person will perform across a pre-defined list of resources. Everyone learns differently, and as such, what one person finds easy, another might find impossible to understand. Not to mention technology changes so fast, course material often goes out of date before they even have the chance to respond to the change.
    • How I can help: I can tailor an up-to-date, custom learning plan to your specific needs as you are completing the program.
  • Bootcamps are often rigid and lack flexibility. A point that is strongly related to the point above, building a One-size-fits-all solution requires that you estimate how long each student will take to graduate. And the end result, is often programs that are extremely easy to complete and graduate on time, but with very low value market-wise. Or challenging programs with high market-value, but incredibly high student drop-out rates due to the challenging nature of the course.
    • How I can help: With me, there are no hard deadlines. We move at your own pace. I know how life gets in the way sometimes, so we can adjust your goals as your availability changes.

Truth be told, that's the short version. Though if you're interested about the long version, I strongly recommend you read an article I posted to r/cscareerquestions a while ago: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Web Dev Coding Bootcamps - In Depth Explanation, where I do a deep dive across the many awesome, and sometimes terrible things coding bootcamps don't often tell you (no clickbait, I promise).

4. Long Version: Who am I?

I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer with +5 years experience in the field as a full time Software Engineer. And like many Software Engineers out there, I'm fully self taught. My journey up until this point wasn't necessarily easy, but that's all the more reason why I'm so passionate about helping others. Because I know exactly how it feels to learn Web Development, how hopeless it can feel, and how rewarding it truly is in the long run if you stick to it. Oh, and I'm also a huge advocate of High Performance Web Applications, Clean Code & Best Practices.

I'm also a Part-Time mentor enrolled at for over 2 years now, who specialize in training people with no prior coding experience into job ready Full Stack Developers with money back guarantee. Meaning I have plenty of teaching expertise!

5. My Skill Set

Here is just a short summary of my skill set, and the things I can help you learn:

  • Front End Development
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Responsive Design
    • Accessibility
    • Performance Optimization
    • Tooling
      • Sass / Less
      • Babel
      • Webpack
    • Frameworks
      • React
      • Vue.js
      • Angular
      • State Management w/Redux & Vuex
      • Routing
  • Back End Development
    • Node
    • Express
    • Authentication w/Passport
    • Session Management via JWTs
    • NoSQL Databases w/Mongo
    • SQL Databases w/Postgres
    • GraphQL w/Apollo
  • DevOps and Misc
    • Terminal/Bash
    • Unit Testing
    • Automation Testing w/Selenium & Puppeteer
    • Task Automation w/Grunt, Gulp & Webpack
    • Version Control w/Git
    • Deployment
    • Agile & Scrum

6. Testimonials and Recommendations

I have various recommendations and testimonials from people who worked me and ex-Alumni I've mentored. You can find a few of them anonymized below (to respect their privacy), though you can validate their validity for yourself by asking for my LinkedIn profile via DM (where these currently live):

A Javascript ninja whose personality lights up the room! It's nearing the end of the year and I was thinking one of the things I'm thankful for in 2019 is u/that_90s_guy. He mentored me off and on the past year in my quest to switch careers to software development and is hands down one of the best teachers I've ever had. I learned so much from u/that_90s_guy about Javascript and the MERN stack, he helped me timebox, helped me schedule and prioritize what to learn in what order, and always thought of new things to show me if I ran out of questions to ask. I would highly recommend u/that_90s_guy as a developer and mentor. - L.D.

I’ve had the pleasure of having u/that_90s_guy as my mentor during my Full-Stack Flex program at Thinkful. He was always delighted to tackle my tough problems and was able to quickly give in-depth explanations. He taught me the importance of the fundamentals and the industry best practices. He is also a great workshop presenter, preparing materials rich with content and useful tips. I would highly recommend u/that_90s_guy to those who are seeking a knowledgeable, committed, and friendly mentor. - J.K.

This man is THE best mentor I've ever had and I'm probably 20 years his senior. He is extremely well organized, insightful, thoughtful, kind, polite, punctual and above all, an unbelievably talented web developer.

I had the pleasure of being one of u/that_90s_guy's mentees at Thinkful and without his expertise, knowledge, resourcefulness and seemingly unrelenting desire to see me succeed I could have very well failed the program. He never stopped pushing me, encouraging me or teaching me even if with tough love. It was pivotal in my educational experience and I am forever grateful for his outstanding mentorship and friendship.

I would recommend u/that_90s_guy for nearly any type of job simply based on his being a wonderful human being, but as it pertains to web development, software development and related technologies he is without question a highly skilled and talented professional worthy of any team. - B.S.

I also have given multiple workshops at and have a current Workshop overall rating of +9.3/10 over +100 individual student reviews, I can share these on request via DM.

7. Next Steps, Contact, and Payment Information

Should you be interested, I like to do an initial introductory 15-25 minute video call where we get to know each other, you tell me about all your short-mid-long term goals and expectations, I can talk to you about what I can offer you, and let you decide if what I offer is a good fit for you.

Does that sound interesting to you? If so, please either leave a comment, or send me a direct/private message and we can schedule the initial call. Also, I handle all payments via PayPal and my current hourly rate is $40 USD. We can meet for an hour once or twice week depending on your needs and plans, or discuss whatever fits your schedule better.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

[For Hire] I can do any task in Machine Learning, Data Science, APIs, Smart Contracts, Scripting, and Web Development.

Technologies I work with

  1. Programming Language: Python, C++, Javascript.
  2. Frameworks: Scikit-Learn, Keras Tensorflow, Pytorch, Flask, Angular.
  3. Databases: MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, MongoDB.

Skills offered

  1. Machine learning, deep learning, data science, and everything in-between.
  2. Advanced Machine Learning technologies like Generative Adversarial Network (GAN).
  3. Web development (backend using Flask or Django, frontend using Angular).
  4. Building REST APIs // Web-apps using micro-service architecture.
  5. Clean and well-commented scripts in Python or C++.
  6. Smart Contracts for Ethereum in Solidity.
  7. Browser automation and automated testing of web-apps using Selenium Webdriver.
  8. Web-scraping using simple libraries like LXML, Requests, and BeautifulSoup or by using powerful frameworks like Scrapy.
  9. Integrating web APIs into application eg. Stripe, Recurly, Gmail, etc.
  10. I can work on a new project or continue from some old code.
  11. I can write sequential code as well as parallel code in CUDA or OpenMP.

I've been working as a freelance consultant for almost 1 year. So far, I have worked on numerous small to medium-sized projects, and I'm actively looking for some similar interesting and challenging projects here. I take both fixed price and hourly projects. I charge $30 per hour for hourly work.

You can check my Github profile to get an idea about my skills and experience.

Feel free to DM me for any ideas or suggestions. I am open to any such discussion.

[For Hire] Remote Web Developer

Hi all,

I'm a Canadian living in Vietnam, working on building more sites for my portfolio.

My website is:

I can build static and dynamic websites, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, node, and mongoDB.

I can build sites for small businesses for a low cost.

I generally charge depending on the specific project and how long it will take me. But I'll say around 30$/hr.

Thank you kindly and look forward to hearing from you..


[For Hire] Professional web designer to turnaround the magic wand and get you some really nice web design.

Hello, I am a passionate & professional web designer. I am a young and skilled freelancer. I have hands-on experience and skills in creating beautiful and creative 'website designs' using HTML, CSS and Javascript. I believe in quality and professionalism and assure you 100% trustworthy work. My rate ranges from $70-$150 depending on the project. I would appreciate working with you and to be a part of your success. Thanks...

[For Hire] Full stack web developer - Ruby, JavaScript

Hi, I am a full-stack web developer with experience in various web technologies (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript to name a few) for the past few years.

If you think I can help you with something, PM me to make that as reality. I charge $30/ hour, but negotiable based on the work.


[For Hire] I am a Freelance Web designer looking to expand my portfolio and work on awesome projects!

Here's my [Portfolio]. On my portfolio link there is a link to my themeforest page if you want to check out.


  • Designing from scratch. Unique design, no templates.
  • Designing a SaaS product from scratch with Design Guidelines, UX Research and UI Design.
  • Front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS, HTML5 canvas, React)
  • Small web applications with React. Like meme creators, simple content, Firebase like applications but using Node and React, and postgresql.
  • Experimental React VR websites. (Requires a gallery with 360 images)

Hello, Reddit!

I consider myself to be a good web designer who can code. My primary goal is building uniques designs that can help your business convert more and sell more.

I design web interactive apps and UI's for SaaS companies that want to create their product.

Here's my [Portfolio].

Hourly Rate: $25/h

That's to get you an idea of my rate, but I prefer to charge by project or milestones. 50% upfront and 50% after work is completed.


My timezone: (GMT-3) From 9am to 8pm. Please contact me if you are interested in hiring me, or ask me for work references too! I had worked with clients from California and Canada. I DO NOT work through platforms like upwork or freelancer.

I can be reached through my mail [](, chat-apps like telegram or even Reddit PMs.

[For Hire] Pay and get the best SEO/Web/App Freelancer. Get your own slave. $300

Ladies and gentleman, today's runner up is James Cali, a Amazon book author, a Google admob video game app developing, shopify, WordPress expert with payment portal experience running his own freelance gigs for over a decade! Designing movie posters and putting together social networks for real clients! You can get a full seo review for just $180 to a full SEO job including the content and configurations for $2,300! Send a message or open the chat.

Worked on Samsung apps Amazon apps Windows phone apps E-commerce sites SEO Google ads Graphics Photoshop Ad design for Google.

[For Hire] Aggressive web/SEO notes 4 your business. $200

James here. Back in action.


Aggressive SEO notes. Included what you need to edit, what needs to be changed, what is hurting your website, what looks like shit (from a successful Google devs point of view), and how to fix it.

Message me or open chat. Thanks guys.

$200 for the notes. Let's get you some traffic and sales.

[For Hire] Full Stack Web Developer, Expert in React, Node.js and WordPress

I am a Full Stack web developer, specializing in React and Wordpress CMS. Helping start-ups, small businesses, and agencies achieve high-quality websites and exceptional user experience.

My skillsets are

  1. React.js
  2. Node.js
  3. Express.js
  4. PostgreSQL
  5. BootStrap

Languages I'm proficient in are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, PHP, SQL.

I also work with

  • WordPress CMS
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • WooCommerce Website setup etc.

For further info, check the following links.

If you're interested, please drop a message. I am available full time, so I can get your job done as soon as possible. My rates are affordable, $30-$40 per billable hour but I am willing to agree upon a rate that makes us both happy.

[FOR HIRE] Full Stack Web Developer

Hello! I am a Full Stack Web Developer with over 4 years of experience building web applications and websites.

I have experience with both back end and front end development as well as user interface/user experience design. Some technologies I am skilled with include Node.js, .NET framework, and WordPress.

Please view my personal website, there you will find links to my GitHub and LinkedIn profiles, showcasing some of my past client work.

I have additional experience working with the JAMstack and headless content management systems.

I am able to work on a fixed price or hourly basis and I am flexible on pricing. My hourly rate ranges from $45 to $75 per hour.

Please send me a message and I can provide additional information about myself as well as answer any questions you may have.



[Hiring] Sales Representative for blockchain and web development company in USA/Canada


I have a team of very skilled web developers and designers with focus on blockchain and custom development. Our main work related to implementation of blockchain technologies in fintech, healthcare and other industries as well as general web and mobile apps. We can take project on any stage - from idea to already live product. To be honest over the years we had projects almost in any industries so there is pretty wide range of target companies. Core team located in Russia with parts in Canada, USA and South-East Asia. Currently we have legal entity in Los Angeles and want to expand our sales and looking for a sales representative with experience. We offer a commission from 10% to 40% of sale amount. If you require salary we offer the base payment of $100 or 15$/hr for work completion and commission - we can discuss it in PM. If you will able to close a deal with big client we will pay you commission monthly based on monthly charge to client.

Please make not that we usually working with commissions so we will not hire someone for a fixed monthly payment.


[FOR HIRE] Web Designer to build any sort of websites

I will build whatever kind of website you are looking for, rates range from 70$ to 150$per project, depending on the project. PM me with details about your project and for my previous work samples.

[For Hire] UK-Based Visual Identity & Logo Designer

[For Hire] UK-Based Visual Identity & Logo Designer

I'm Jonni, a Freelance Graphic Designer from Scotland. I primarily work with business to produce stunning material for their brand - from logo work, to web design. I help clients with their vision in creating clean & bold visual identities, and I would love to hear about your ideas!

Logo work starts at £325, and other branding will vary depending on the scope.

Website @

Email -



[HIRING] Solo web developer&designer with experience in Forex.


Hi there, The title states all really... I’m looking for a developer who has experience with Forex markets and knows about the business so my requests are easily understood.

I’m looking to create an all-in-one forex platform for my clients to learn about forex and our courses as well as a few interactive features.

I am looking for a developer who speaks excellent English and is willing to call and chat and really get deep with our vision and understand what we want exactly.

My budget is around £5K GBP.

If you are solely a developer, that’s fine too, we can source designers elsewhere.

[Hiring] Web dev/designer for ecommerce site

Looking for a web dev/designer to build a simple ecommerce site. Graphic design experience is a plus.. it needs to look crisp and modern. Logo and branding also needs updating.

One time payment ($) through either crypto or paypal. Depending on how it comes out there’s lots of future work to be done on other projects. PM for more details.

[For Hire] Developer will scrap data from web for you

Do you want to automate a recurring task ?

Do you need critical data ? Do you want intel on specific markets or networks ?

Do you want to be continuously updated about a specific topic ?

Are you running or project to run a business but want to look out for competition ?

I will scrap data from any websites for you and put data to your disposition.

I can do it one-shot or provide you a continuous service with notifications. (or API)

Examples :

  • Social networks
  • Business data
  • Real estate
  • Sports (betting etc.)
  • News

starting from 15$/hour or we can agree on a weekly/monthly plan with unlimited access to data (starting from 20$/month)

[For Hire] Lady SEO specialising in woman's Google search ranking. DIY SEO training by the hour or hire by the month for freelance digital marketing. Domain/Redesign migration specialist, experienced in Magento, Wordpress, Shopify and more. What search term do you want to be Google page 1 for?

SEO Training or Freelance Monthly Services $50/hour

I've been an SEO training provider for 12 years in 2020, remote worldwide and in-house throughout England (I've even been flown to Ireland to tutor an office of 10 web devs). I also work behind the scenes on eCommerce webshops and local services websites.

As an ex-media Advertisement Rep I've got over 20 years of marketing under my belt and you can expect straight talking and a no-nonsense approach.

SEO Freelancing services every month

My client base includes a huge range of clients: Sole traders, entrepeneurs, small businesses, SME's, USA Clients (Boston, Maine, Louisiana and Florida) UK Nationwide large companies, London based corporate professionals, mentors and coaching individuals to e-commerce website owners selling anything from pet products, personalised gifts/cards, shoes and even adult toys and fun products! Being female does not restrict me in any industry.

SEO Training - What to expect in your first 60 minute taster session:

Hire me for a 60 minute consultation over Skype. What is it you want to achieve?

Total beginner SEO: A website fix as your rankings have dropped following a website migration? 301 redirects confusing you? What's a H1 Header? Why is a meta title important?

Advanced Ecommerce problems: My bounce rate is so high - I'm not selling my products because I'm not Google page 1. I've recently rebranded and changed my domain and broken the internet. I'm migrating from Wix to Wordpress, what's the routine and things I need to do? My products need SEO content writing as well as meta titles and descriptions - help!

► 60 minutes of my time broken down to a 15 minute quick Google audit and 45 minutes consultation

► Allowing me access to your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts so I can see your visitor data manually (I do not use tools like MOZ AHREFs, everything I do is by hand and eye)

► This audit will determine how I am able help you and I'll and note down a list of points for discussion. I'll provide a Google Drive cloud document so we can both view/edit at the same time.

► Analysis of visitor data / Bounce rates & UX improvements / Keyword discussion based on your initial ideas

► Consultation over Skype so we can share screens if needed

► Together we will formulate a plan of action to solve your issues

Industries I have worked with:

  • Accountants (I'm PQ AAT)
  • Marquee hire - weddings - Glastonbuty Festival glamping
  • IT Solutions Providers / IT Support Services locally
  • Fundraising Ideas - Horse Racing DVDs and Downloads - Race Night
  • Commercial construction: Cable Location equipment / confined space safety equipment
  • Global - Commercial welding and construction fabrication
  • Global Custom bespoke wedding rings
  • Software solutions: Warehouse management software
  • Adult: Men's Boots / Drag Artist Professional Costumes
  • Adult: Same sex gifts and wedding cake toppers
  • Wedding Entertainment: Local bands / Solo singers / DJ's and discos - Sound Equipment / Fun casino hire
  • Wedding photographers / Photography holidays worldwide
  • Product Photography packshots - London fashion industry
  • USA / UK Nationwide + Local Coaching and Mentoring individuals and franchises
  • Local Office Refurbishment
  • Local Website Design & Development
  • Local Catering companies / catering equipment hire
  • Local Plasterer / Plumber / Builder / Carpet cleaning
  • Local Portable toilet hire
  • Local Driving lessons (several)
  • Local Private daycare nursery
  • Local Dentists (several)
  • Local - Vertical blinds installer
  • Local - Locksmiths
  • Local - Appliance sales and service
  • London - Financial Services and mortgages
  • London - Product labelling global service
  • London - Therapist and Psychotherapy (several)
  • London - Double Glazing (several)
  • London Furniture refurbishment
  • Europe Hotels - Jersey Channel Islands / Somerset UK Bed + Breakfast / Wales - Listing building castle
  • DIY: Underfloor heating / LED lighting / interior designers / futons and mattresses, wallpaper designers
  • Green Energy - solar panel installations
  • UK Nationwide news company
  • UK Nationwide business services
  • UK Nationwide - Used gold / sell gold for money
  • UK Ecommerce: Male grooming products - hair & beard - Matching shoes & handbags - Vaping and CBD oil Personalised gifts - Personalised photo upload greetings cards - Performance car parts - Car Audio systems

  1. Monthly freelance services for eCommerce national and global clients to local SME's small businesses
  2. GMT Timezone. BACS and Paypal payments accepted
  3. Google Certified Adwords and Google Analytics 2013 & Google page 1 Case studies (PM me)
  4. Beginner SEO to Advanced tuition for experienced developers and designers
[For Hire] iOS/Android/desktop/web app developer and designer here 👋. Maintenance, Security and more included in all projects where relevant. NDA's and Service Contracts offered. Find me at:

Dear All,

I am currently open for freelance remote projects to clients worldwide. I also embark on in-house projects.

Personal Website


  • Java
  • Python
  • C++
  • React
  • NativeScript
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • HTML5
  • Objective-C
  • Ruby
  • Kotlin
  • Rust
  • Perl
  • Swift


  • UX
  • UI
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Maintenance & Security (also included in all projects)

Regarding my process, NDA's and Service Contracts are offered. I also do not ask for developer rights so my products remain in my clients business/startup name. My service packages include iOS, Android, web or desktop apps made from start to finish. I typically charge around half of what an agency would charge and this can start from $5k and upwards. Unlike an agency, you'll also be working with solely myself. For all enquiries I can be reached out via my personal website, Skype/Slack/Zoom or other preferred methods of contact and Reddit.

Please allow up to 12 hours for a response

Thank you for reading. Greg

[Hiring] Web UI Designer who can make a mockup for website pages.

I need one fast UI designer for my website.

cryptocurrency and sports betting knowledge will be helpful for this job.

My email: [](

[For Hire] LA-based freelance designer/Web dev for immediate and ongoing work

I'm looking for a freelance designer to help with branding and web design/Dev for our clients. The first project would be doing our website. This would hopefully include helping to decide on a font and color pallete, backend Dev. I'm hoping not to go above 2500.

[for hire]Freelance Web developer

I have a alot of experience in developing sites like blog,e-commerce to enhance business,Real-Estate multi vendor,Simple business websites etc. Recently 3 of my wordpress sites has been completed and doing good business. Inbox me for Portfolio, and for more information. price : 100-200 $

[For Hire] Web Designer. Or Web Speed $70

Hello, James here, I'm back, freelancing on the daily basis still. Today was some e-commerce and shopify Google ads projects. Anyways. Make sure you have a venmo and I can write your SEO or edit your content and shift it around for you, tell you what your missing for just $79 venmo.


[For Hire] I can do any scripting or Automation tasks, as well as projects in Data Science/Visualization/Analysis, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Computer Vision and Web Development


  1. Languages: C++, Python, Java, JavaScript
  2. Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, CouchBase
  3. ML/Data Science frameworks: scikit-learn, pandas, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch
  4. Development Frameworks: Node.js, vert.x

Services provided:

  1. Designing and building REST APIs, based on micro-service architecture, capable of handling high throughput
  2. Machine Learning projects, including data preprocessing and model pipelining
  3. Data Visualization and Analytics: deriving useful insights from raw data sources
  4. Computer Vision tasks like Object detection, Classification, etc.
  5. Natural Language Processing Tasks like word-prediction, substitution, sentiment analysis, etc.
  6. Efficient and clean automation scripts in Python or Bash format
  7. Understanding and documenting pre-existing code, to ease further development
  8. Continuing on an existing project or starting from scratch on a new one
  9. Integrate services such as Google Maps, etc. into existing/new applications
  10. Web-scraping via Scrapy, a highly efficient framework, or other basic libraries

Here is a link to my github repository:

I have been freelancing for quite some time now and have worked on a number of projects. I am currently looking for fixed price as well as hourly billing projects of both short and long durations, in the above mentioned fields. Hourly projects are charged at $27.5/hour.

Feel free to reach out to me via DM for any such project/task ideas.

[For Hire] Product Designer - I design clean and intuitive interfaces for Web and mobile. Let's chat! :)

My name is John and I am a product designer in New York, NY. I have designed Web and mobile applications since 2011. I love solving problems through thoughtful design. View some of my recent work @johnjackson

Steam Mobile Concept

Additional Screens:,

I designed a Steam mobile concept a year or two back. Earlier this year, I spent some time iterating on my original concept. I love the idea of being able to purchase a game from your mobile device and have it automatically download to your PC. That would be fantastic when you aren't at home!

YTLite - ad-free YouTube for music lovers

I recently redesigned for a fellow redditor. My goal was to design a simple interface that could be easily navigated. Several components and styles were reused throughout the app to create a consistent experience for users and to make the front-end development of YTLite more efficient. It was also pretty fun designing another dark interface!

Additional Screens:,

Design Mentors

Additional Screens:

I helped work through iterations of the Design Mentors interface when it first launched. Design Mentors connects designers of all types with mentors to help accelerate their growth.

Steam Desktop Concept

Additional Screens:

I use Steam nearly every day and I feel that the interface is cluttered. I took a minimalist approach to this design. I think the Metro theme for Steam does a pretty awesome job at making the interface more minimalist, but I wanted to go a bit further with the colors to deliver a more playful and vibrant experience.

Temperature/Humidity Monitor

Additional Screens:,,

I was approached by a startup with a garden monitor app. The purpose of the app is to monitor temperature and humidity and throw alerts when numbers reach certain thresholds.

Fitness App - Sign In

Additional Screens:,

Becoming a healthier version of yourself can be intimidating. This app will help you determine a course of action to reach your goals. I post updates about the app to my Dribbble periodically, so stay tuned.

RoundCube Design

Additional Screens:

Some of you may have used Roundcube in the past to manage your email. If not, Roundcube is a webmail app that is most commonly found inside cPanel. It was always my favorite webmail during my teenage years.

Get in Touch

Let’s start by talking. Feel free to contact me via Dribbble at, reach out to me on my personal site at, or PM me on reddit. Thanks, everyone!


I typically work with budgets as low as $500, but can help with smaller projects on a case-by-case basis.

[For Hire] Full stack Web Developer

Hello, my name is Marijus and I am a Full stack Web developer currently with 1.5 years of development experience. I am a big believer in minimalistic and scalable code and I do my best to hold my code to such standard.

Currently I am looking for a remote contract from 20 to 30 hours / week or a freelance project.

Stack: Vue, Express, Node, MongoDb, PHP, Wordpress, Mysql, Sass, Webpack, Linux

Experience: I have experience in building responsive websites based on custom designs and implementing back-end features such as user authentication, single-time payments and subscriptions.

My current rate is $25/hour.

If you have a project that you want to discuss or simply want to chat please send me a message here on reddit. Thank you.

[FOR HIRE] Cyber Week Offer: Logo, Branding, Web & Ad Designs!

For 10 years I've been turning research and core values into beautifully effective brands for all sorts of businesses across the globe and producing great results you can actually measure. Check out my work at and my prices below.

Logo Package:
Primary+Secondary Logo, Color Codes and Relevant Print/Product Mock-Ups. ($350-400)
+Animated Logo: ($100-250)

Branding Package:
Business Cards, Social Media Profile+Cover photos, and your choice of Letterhead or Email Signature. ($150-250)

Marketing, Portfolio, Blog or eCommerce Website. Includes a Domain Name and Free Hosting for the 1st year. ($400-800)

Choose an Illustrative, photo-based or typographic advertisement for Email, Social Media or Print. ($150-250)

CYBER WEEK OFFER: Combine any 3 of the projects listed above and receive 20% off of your entire order.

Email me at []( with your choice of projects and a clear description of your needs. I will then reply with my process, timeline, and price for your specific projects. I have 2 primary goals; Make you happy and grow your business. So let's spark engagement and breathe life into your message.

[For Hire] Web/Mobile App Developer (React/React Native/Node/Python/WordPress...)

Hi Reddit,

I have a proven record of generating and building relationships with SME owners and managing projects from concept to completion. We can work both in milestone basis or hourly.

Tools and languages I can work with:

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • React Native
  • Node
  • Python
  • Flask
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Firebase
  • SQL
  • Familiarity with design tools - Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop

Please send me a message if you wish to see my resume or discuss the collaboration. I usually charge $50/h but I am happy to negotiate if you have a considerable amount of work.

Have a great day!

[For hire] Full-Stack Software Developer - Mobile , Desktop , Web , Game

My rate is at 35$ / hr, but we can do per project based costing instead. I am open for short / long term contracts.

Experience with developing various kinds of apps :
- GPS based + Real time asset tracking (Ride hailing apps)
- Social media
- E commerce market place
- Casual games (2d made in Unity)

Do refer to my Facebook page here :

Please contact me in my Facebook page as I am more active there.

[For Hire] Discounted Brand, Web and Creative Services for Music Artists and the Music Business

Hi all, I am an experienced brand and web designer with a niche skill in social media growth and effective marketing campaigns. I’ve recently decided to shift my business into working solely with music artists and music related businesses – an industry I studied, love, have worked in and understand better than any other.

Because I’m transitioning into this niche, I’m looking to fill up my portfolio with more music related work so I want to offer my services at a largely reduced rate in order to do this (less than half of what I currently charge).

The services I offer:

Brand Identity (logos, visual assets etc.)

Website Design + Development

Visual Communications

Video Editing + Audio Reactive visuals

Advertising + Social Media Campaigns


Content Creation

Email Marketing

Media + Print

Partnerships + Influencer Marketing

Custom Marketing Strategies

Prices starting at $50. Drop me a DM if you want to have a chat about my experience or just to see if I can help you. I’m really passionate about helping musicians up their marketing game! And if this isn’t you but you know someone, please pass it on. Thank you so much!

[For Hire] Web Development/Design - Software Engineer with 6 years experience - Lowest Prices

Hello Redditors,

I'm a full time software engineer with 6 years experience. Currently, I'm looking to build some amazing websites for people/businesses. All website will be custom using React JS. My current rate is $15/hour or we can come up with fixed price for the project.


  • Full website built/redeveloped
  • SSL Certificate (https secured website)
  • SEO (Appear towards the top on google search)
  • Hosting for your website (World wide fast speeds)

My Website:

Latest Project:

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to your message.

[FOR HIRE] Web Scraping and bots, starting from 60$

Hi, as the title says I'm making web scrapers and bots starting from 60$ based on the complexity of the work.
I can work with python, selenium, requests, bs4.
For example I can build you a scraper that takes the users that liked a social media page ( for example a instagram page ) and export them in a .csv file, or just scrape any data you want from an website in a csv file or somewhere else.
If you want to check a few examples of my work you can check out my github: ( a web scraper for an online romanian shop that uses requests ) ( an instagram bot that unfollows everyone that you previously followed, made with selenium)

I accept paypal and usually the delivery date for the script is ~2-3 days.

If you are interested to work with me you can pm me or use direct chat.

[For Hire] Web & Mobile Designer Looks for New Design Projects

My offerings:

  • UX/UI design (For mobile, web and associated applications)
  • Prototyping, wireframing, flowcharts, and personas
  • Front-end development (Can update the whole look of a website or visually edit/update specific part of it)
  • Finding CC0 licensed illustrations, SVGs, images, videos, etc related to your business

Technologies I work with:

  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop

Portfolio is available. Send me a message to get a link for it. About the payment, I prefer flat rate, and it varies depending on complexity of the project. Send me a message to get a quote and have a detailed discussion of your design. Otherwise the hourly rate is $35. Payment is done through Payoneer.

[For Hire] Affordable Web Development And App Development

Prices: Only around 0.2 BTC (or ETH, EOS, XRP, LTC, Doge equivalent) Paypal, Cash or Giftcards $48/h (1 Week to 6 month Projects or more) Other methods: Discussable

Payment Style: I have always delivered as per client deadlines but I prefer to have prepayments before projects start in order to get resources and the initial budgetary bits out of the way first.

Specifications Of Simple Design: Responsive Design 3 Pages (or more, depending on payment) Not much complex features Login and basic user integration

Pre-requirements: Domain name for the website (I can also get you one but that would be on top of the designs costs). Maybe a support contract after the project is done.

For payments gateways, maps & tracking and ecommerce multi-user platforms. You'd have to talk to me to get a price as they require more work.

Why is it cheap? Just a test if skill and adding designs onto a portfolio. Might also get a good support contract after.

PM's for discussions.

[For Hire] Custom Web Design | Ecommerce Websites. Landing Pages, SEO Optimization and more!

Do you have a business without a website?

I can help you!

I run a small web design company here in Mexico. We specialize on web design solutions, including branding, logos, videos, e-commerce, SEO optimization and more!

We've worked with some big companies, for example Manufacturas Lenin, the biggest tortilla machine producer worldwide:

You can see more of our work in our official site:

We offer web design packages starting at $300 USD

All of our packages include:

  • Custom responsive design
  • Custom e-mail accounts
  • SEO Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Wordpress Premium Theme and plugins
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Personalized Tutorial on how to manage and update content on your site

If you want more info on each package, check out our site:

And if you're ready to take the next step on your project, and boost your online presence, shoot me a msg or send an email to [](

[HIRING] Fix bugs on an Unturned skin marketplace website. Read desc.

If you are a web developer reading this, know that I *strictly* need a developer who:

1) Knows PHP and node.js


The bug is to do with our steam bots not accepting trades from users.

Again, please, if you are a web developer who knows PHP and Node.jd, good for you. But really, we are looking for a developer who ALSO actually knows how Steam bots and their API works.

Website (live) :

Add me on Discord: SENSE#4275 , I will explain the bug and settle on the compensation value. This should be a quick fix if you have worked with Steam API before, so expect around 50-70 USD via PayPal. We might hire you again in the future, more opportunity to earn more from us -

[For Hire] (Remote) Developer - Python/Web Development - Fresher

I have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering field but am interested in programming. I have learnt C, C++, Python, HTML, CSS and now learning about Web Development.

I am looking for work in any of the above-mentioned languages.

I have worked for 1 year in the customer service department at Amazon. Currently, working for a healthcare device company as a Product Manager(11 months).

I have done a few web scraping projects at the current company to automate tasks, also I have worked on my company's website through wordpress.

I am looking for an opportunity to work in Web Development to support myself, while I learn more languages. I would love to work for minimum pay i.e. $15/hr.

[For Hire] I build flawless and affordable mobile/web applications 🏝

Hi Reddit,

I have a proven record of generating and building relationships with SME owners and managing projects from concept to completion. We can work both in milestone basis or hourly.

Tools and languages I can work with:

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • React Native
  • Node
  • Python
  • Flask
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Firebase
  • SQL
  • Familiarity with design tools - Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop

Please send me a message if you wish to see my resume or discuss the collaboration. I usually charge $50/h but I am happy to negotiate if you have a considerable amount of work.

Have a great weekend 👋

[For Hire] Affordable Web Design | Revisions and Support

Hello fellow Redditors! I'm a freelance Web Designer and Developer and Graphic Designer looking to pick up a few projects.

I can create a beautiful website for you, whether it be a small portfolio or a large scale ecommerce website, I'm the man for the job. I can also host it for you if needed, for one of the most reasonable prices on the internet! Don't pay outrageous hosting fees, and don't settle for downtime. Host with me for only $5 a month, on a DigitalOcean VPS server, secure and with 99% uptime!

My rate is $25/hr or charged by project!

Feel free to PM me and I'll show you my portfolio as well as some past work, and please do get in touch if you have any questions, I'm open to hearing your idea and giving you any suggestions on what actions you could take or we could take together.

I'm ready to take on any project you can imagine, and knock it out of the park for you.

[FOR HIRE] 🔥 Black Friday Discount 🔥 PROFESSIONAL Web Designer/Developer

Hey everyone,

I'm currently a full time software engineer with 6 years of experience. I'm looking to get some side projects on my free time and make some amazing websites for people/businesses. I have excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Java, JavaScript and JQuery.

All websites will be custom and they'll be made with Wordpress. Since my schedule is open at the moment, my current rate is $10/hour but anyone that contacts me in the next 24 hours gets a 20% DISCOUNT of the total price !

What I offer:

  • Full website built/redeveloped
  • SSL Certificate (https secured website)
  • SEO (Appear towards the top on google search)
  • Hosting for your website (World wide fast speeds)

Some of the websites that I've built:

[Hiring] Experienced Frontend Web Developer

We are looking to hire an Experienced Frontend Web Developer

If interested please send me:
- Location ( Country / timezone )
- Portfolio of your previous work
- Coding languages you are able to work with
- Hours available per week

Project: Financial sector / investment service.

We value communication highly.
Budget: Hourly rate up to $80/hr - Paid in milestones
We will offer continuous work if we find we enjoy working with you.

Please message me on Telegram for the fastest response: @Crypto_advisor (

[For Hire] I build flawless and affordable mobile/web applications

Hi Reddit,

have a proven record of generating and building relationships with SME owners and managing projects from concept to completion. We can work both in milestone basis or hourly.

Tools and languages I can work with:

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • React Native
  • Node
  • Python
  • Flask
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Firebase
  • SQL
  • Familiarity with design tools - Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop

II usually charge $50/h but I am happy to negotiate if you have a considerable amount of work.

[For Hire] Fullstack Web Developer/Student (Will Work for cheap to build my portfolio)


I am a Computer Science Student with more than 2 years of experience working as full stack developer at various digital agencies in my country, looking to start my freelancing career and build my portfolio.

If you need a new Website (Custom or WordPress), a Hybrid mobile app, a Mobile Game or an API developed I'm your man .

What I know:

  • Frontend: Angular, plain HTML/CSS/JS, Ionic/Cordova
  • Backend: PHP, NodeJs, .NET
  • Database: MongoDB, SQLite, MySql

All of this: 8$/hour

If you have a project that requires a person with my skills dm me.

[Hiring] Web Designer Needed to Redesign a Site.

I am looking for a web designer who can redesign my writer site. Budget is $100.

[For Hire] Web/Mobile App Developer

Tools and languages I can work with:

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • React Native
  • Node
  • Python
  • Flask
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Firebase
  • SQL
  • Familiarity with design tools - Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop

I have a proven record of generating and building relationships with SME owners and managing projects from concept to completion. We can work both in milestone basis or hourly. I usually charge $50/h but I am happy to negotiate if you have considerable amount of work.

[Hiring] How much would it cost to create and implement a web element similar to the example provided?

Hey all,

My company has a confusing diagram used to describe our architecture. I despise it and it's used quite heavily.

I would like to transform our static "graphic" into something more consumable that can tell a story with simple animations. I found an example on the internet that I'd like to emulate. Imagine this example being static, boring, and unstylized at first. I'd like to understand what it would cost/take to transform a boring diagram into something like this:

Please add whatever details you'd need to make an accurate estimate.


[For Hire].Fullstack Web Developer/Student


I am a Computer Science Student with more than 2 years of experience working as full stack developer at various digital agencies in my country, looking to start my freelancing career and build my portfolio.

If you need a new Website, a Hybrid mobile app, Mobile Game or an API developed I'm your man .

What I know:

  • Frontend: Angular, plain HTML/CSS/JS, Ionic/Cordova
  • Backend: PHP, NodeJs, .NET
  • Database: MongoDB, SQLite, MySql

All of this: 8$/hour

If you have a project that requires a person with my skills dm me.

[Hiring] Small web project - need a cron script that checks a webpage, parses data, and sends an email based on result

I need a PHP script or something I can run easily via cron to check a URL periodically, and once it updates send me an email.

Looking to spend $50. I think it's fairly simple

PM if you can do this at that budget.

[META] If you're not serious about hiring or are unsure, please do not waste our time. Our time is precious and every minute wasted is food off the table for families.

Hi folks,

Guess this post is a ventilation post of sorts; the past few times I've posted here, I must admit, I have had a lot of interaction, however, these interactions have ultimately led to time wasting, where that time could have been spent talking to actual clients and getting money that is used to survive.

I tend to talk to people initially for around 20 minutes or so in the beginning, get to know one another, let them know all about me and my past projects and my experience and then find out whether or not I am the guy... Several users have told me YES they want to hire me, leading me to talk to them further (sometimes for up to a full hour - several people doing this at once equates to many wasted hours), only for them to come up with some reason why they are not ready to start the project, usually it is some family issue has their funding tied up.

This is not cool guys and I would just like to please STRESS, if you aren't ready to go ahead, don't waste our time, PLEASE.

-From a pizza deprived web developer.

[For Hire] Web Application Engineer - Consulting, Design, Development, Mentoring

About Me

I am a full-stack engineer / architect capable of operating entirely autonomously at any layer of the stack, from bare-metal to the cloud. I can assemble your servers, spin up your cloud, design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain your application(s), manage your DNS, upgrade and/or optimize your applications, provide mentoring or architectural solutions, build your engineering team, create custom tooling for your engineers, bootstrap your next project, and much more.I have been developing for the web since the early 2000's. During this time I have worked with companies and individuals of all types, including start-ups, small businesses, medium-size businesses, enterprise businesses, solo-founders, non-profit organizations, web/design studios, and more.

My current stack of choice: NuxtJS, FeathersJS, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, & Nginx.

I am open to both short-term and long-term opportunities.


Programming Languages

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS

Patterns & Paradigms

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Functional Programming
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Micro Service Architecture
  • many, many more

Frameworks / Libraries

  • VueJS (UI)
  • FeathersJS (API)
  • SvelteJS (UI)
  • ExpressJS (API)
  • GraphQL (API)
  • SocketIO (Network)
  • Electron (Utility)
  • Lodash (Utility)
  • Laravel (API)
  • Lumen (API)
  • Bootstrap (Design)
  • Bulma (Design)
  • Material Design (Design)
  • many, many more


  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB/Mongoose
  • NeDB

Other Technologies

  • Git
  • Docker
  • NGinx
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch
  • Web Sockets
  • many, many more


  • $125/hr
  • 4-hour minimum
  • large projects negotiable
[For Hire] Machine Learning, Data Science and Web Development expert

Skills offered

  1. Machine learning, deep learning, data science, and everything in-between.
  2. Web development (backend using Flask or Django, frontend using Angular).
  3. Building REST APIs // Web-apps using micro-service architecture.
  4. Browser automation and automated testing of web-apps using Selenium Webdriver.
  5. Web-scraping using simple libraries like LXML, Requests, and BeautifulSoup or by using powerful frameworks like Scrapy.
  6. Integrating web APIs like into application eg. Stripe, Recurly, Gmail, etc.

Technologies I work with

  1. Programming Language: Python, C++, Javascript.
  2. Frameworks: Scikit-Learn, Keras Tensorflow, Pytorch, Flask, Angular.
  3. Databases: MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, MongoDB.

About me and my service

I've been working as a freelance consultant for almost 1 year. So far, I have worked on numerous small to medium sized projects, and I'm actively looking for some similar interesting and challenging projects here. I take both fixed price and hourly projects. For hourly projects I will charge $30 per hour.

You can check my github profile to get an idea about my skills and experience.