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[For Hire] The Virtual Assistant you were looking for!

Best Skills

  • Data entry - Do you have a lot of data to export from one datasheet to another? Don't worry about spending 18 hours of your life doing that, I'll take care of it, and even in much less time! 
  • Web Research - You can see a sample of my work here
  • Copywriting - I am a passionate writer of many things who would like to write some articles for you!
  • Schedule Management - Don't you know how to organize your life? I am a bit compulsive to organize things, and organizing calendars, events and so on is one of my favorite hobbies! Leave your productivity in my hands, you won't have to apologize to your granny again for not visiting her... Again!
  • Digital Marketing - My services in terms of digital marketing range from SEO, SEM, Direct Email Marketing, Social Media Management, and Optimization, FB and Instagram ads, and I have severe experience managing social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Efficient Skills

  • Email Management - Your business email address gets a lot of emails and you're desperate because you don't have time to read/answer them all? I can handle that!
  • Translations - Do you want to translate your blog article of approximately 6K words in record time? I'm the right guy!
  • Microsoft Office rel. Tasks - Don't worry about staying in front of your computer for a long time making your Excel Spreadsheet look good, I'll take care of that ASAP
  • Customized Language Lessons - It's your time to learn a new language!
  • IT Recruiting - Don't spend your time looking for your perfect employee, I'll make sure to let you know which of all the candidates is best for your business!

Other Skills

  • Electrical Engineering, Architecture, and Mechanical Engineering Consulting and Projects - Yes, I also have staff engineers who will be happy to help you!
  • Quick Books Online Management - Boost your business expenses!
  • Customer Prospects Lists - That's right, I can also give you lists of people who work in the areas of your interest so that you can offer them your services!

By hiring a Virtual Assistant you can achieve an optimal lifestyle, or bring a range of growth opportunities to your business. I will always attend you in the most friendly and detailed way possible to make sure you are making the right decision. I can even order you some coffee -not kidding- so you can fulfill your day with enough energy, and when you get home you can take care of your business or personal affairs. 

My services begin from $15/hr, and I do accept payments via Paypal, Neteller, Transferwise, and Cryptocurrencies

Some facts about me that you might find interesting

  • I speak 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish).
  • I've lived in five very different countries! ask me something about Portugal, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain or The Netherlands and I'll let you know where to get the best food! 
  • Besides being an awesome VA, I like Gaming, Read books, and have fun in my favorite subreddits. 
[Hiring] Web designer (Shopify) + Graphic Designer + Content Creator


I've been hired to do an overhaul of an eCommerce business. It's in desperate need of a new website built on Shopify (and possibly additional templates). A graphic designer to create social media templates and a content creator write a couple of blog posts about our offerings w/ keywords.

Pay is between $25-$60 per hour ($25 per 1k words). I personally prefer a flat rate per project, so pitch me with your portfolio.

Location: US or outside if you can be available 9-5pm EST.

I'm looking for people to start ASAP. Please DM if you're interested.

[Hiring] Web Design/ Software Development Sales

We're looking for someone that can get us customers. We do web design/ software development for clients or take on outsourcing deal for other companies. We'll give you 10-20% per projects. Payment can be done by bank or Paypal. Contact me if you're interested!

[HIRING][REMOTE][FULL TIME] web developer positions available for a startup cryptocurrency exchange


We're hiring intermediate/senior developers to work on a startup cryptocurrency exchange. Experience in cryptocurrency isn't necessary, but is beneficial. You must be able to work independently within a fast paced environment. Some of the skills you must have are:

  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Typescript
  • Postgres SQL
  • Data structures
  • Code modularity and re-usability
  • Git
  • Agile development
  • REST / Websockets
  • Charting libraries (such as trading view)
  • ZMQ
  • Slick design and creativity skills (The ability to design UI's is a big bonus!)
  • A CS related degree would also be a big bonus.

Salary is negotiable and obviously this being a lean startup, there's the chance to earn equity if you become a valuable member of the team.

Salary will be paid in Cryptocurrency, which you'll need to exchange to fiat yourself on a monthly basis.

If this is something that is of interest to you, please send a short message containing your portfolio, relevant experience and a salary.


[Hiring] Junior graphic/web designer onsite in NYC

Please do not reply if you are unable to work onsite every day. No remote.

I'm the Lead Product Designer at a nice, mid sized company in Tribeca/NYC. The marketing team is looking to bring on a Junior Designer for at least 140 hours of work - maybe more if it works out. I told them I would help look.

The pay is $45–$55 an hour based on your level of skill.

You'll be helping them design stuff for websites, blogs, whitepapers, website banners, hero images, etc, etc. It's a good gig.

We are in a nice building in Tribeca. Great work environment.

Send me your online portfolio. If it's good and we are still looking I will get back to you.


[Hiring] Online: Need a web developer to redesign a website using MVC or static site generator of some kind. Details Inside

I currently run a 700 member strong web forum, and as part of the redesign, we will need someone to rebuild our front end (non-forum) area to make updates easier. Currently, we're doing everything via plain HTML editing, which has benefits and drawbacks, but namely the formatting isn't super great, and there's usability complaints from users.

We're looking for a very specific web developer due to the fact that we need both a "modern" version that uses html5 and modern CSS3, and we need a basic HTML fallback that can display on old browsers. This will require someone who knows both new and old html standards, obviously, with the skills needed to design both front ends.

We're not particularly picky about what technologies are used to make this happen, as long as the underlying software is FOSS, and doesn't require Ruby, Node or Python - we need either a static site generator, or PHP. If you're planning to use a backend, we prefer postgres since our forum will be using postgres in the near future too.

Due to the requirements involved, we are willing to pay a candidate $20/hr or more, but we would prefer if we can come up with flat-fee deliverables. We will not be offended at proposed pricing, and we're not looking to haggle/argue with prospective candidates - we understand you need to make money. Apply by PM, where we will give details on the actual website, and specific requirements.

[HIRING] Wordpress Web Designer

Hi. I am looking to develop a negotiation website on Wordpress. The site will probably need an algorithm to decide on the correct output based on several inputs. Please message me with sample projects and I can give you more info for you to access and price.

[Hiring] Web dev agency for an e-com website redesign and relaunch (RFP inside)

Hello! We at FACTORFIVE Skin Care are actively seeking proposals from web development agencies for an e-commerce website redesign and relaunch. RFP in PDF format with full details, including budget, here:

[Hiring] Web programmer/developer (online store)


Currently looking for a developer/programmer to add an online store to my website (Google Drive screenshot:

  1. Create online store page to host digital sheet music and physical merch with online sales. Allowing me to interact and add products over time. Separate page would be linked through the current "Sheet Music" button.
  2. Edit text around the site to change "Music" to "Music + Store" etc.

I have a whole folder of the assets and details. Low-hundreds, open to discussion based on experience.

PM for more details (please include website)! I'd love to work with you.



[Hiring] "Rebel" (as in Extinction Rebellion) Senior or near Senior Level web-app Developer(s) PT ok for critical ExtinctionRebellion (XR) upcoming beta test

Urgently Wanted "Rebel" (as in Extinction Rebellion) Senior or near Senior Level web-app Developer(s) PT ok for critical ExtinctionRebellion (XR) upcoming beta test

Object: To complete design and coding of an open-source secure app (3+yrs of R&D) to help XR in arguably the biggest way possible: by completing a mobile-friendly web-based app with the potential to hugely increase nonviolent direct action and/or strike recruitment rates. Our mission is nothing less than to scale courage, which we believe is our only option to have any chance in the little time we have left to stop the now rapid 6th Great Extinction, and its catastrophic rate of species extinction (200/day!) and have a livable planet in the very near future. A key XR chapter wants to beta test our innovative ASAP if we can get an MVP done in time. We're about half coded (vueJS/Node JS, but open to replacing if a rockstar prefers). This is therefore urgent: f we don't get the additional 2 part-time or one fulltime talent ASAP and a new UI designer, XR will lose this incredible beta test opportunity. Our one-pager which answers most top-level Qs is at a secure link we can send you (assuming you are part of XR) and also available is an additional list of assets. Current Budget is at $12-15k, so basic needs pay now available; however XR recommended us to for $73k additional grant, plus we have additional $10k match offer. The coordinator/cofounder's prior startup is rapidly becoming a success.


Hi there Redditors!


My name is Roger, and I am an SEO consultant. I am currently searching for experienced and talented web developers/programmers who specialize in WordPress websites optimization.

I want my client´s website to load as fast as possible and be as optimized as possible as per GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insight standards.

This is only for the technical stuff, I will handle the On-Page SEO optimization i just need you to make my clients website to load as fast as possible.


I know this depends on a site to site bases but in general, I am willing to pay anywhere between $30 to $50 per website.


I can pay you with Payoneer, Skrill and/or Neteller. I could also add Paypal into the mix but if we can avoid it will be perfect. Paypal fees are just too high on my end (around 5%-6%).

Please make sure to add the keyword "wordpress" when commenting to make sure you read everything!


If this is something that interests you and would like to discuss further feel free to add me over skype roger.marquez14.

If you have any other questions please comment below and i will make sure to reply in a promptly matter.


- Roger

[HIRING] Freelance Graphic/Web Designer - Strong UI skills a must! US-based only.

As the title says. This will be for ongoing freelance projects. Must be a professional with real world experience and strong portfolio. Please PM me with your portfolio, rates, and availability. Must be US based, any timezone is fine.

Hourly rate is around $25/hr, but again, please send your rates because this is not set in stone, especially for the right person.

[Hiring] Web Developer for fixing redirects

I am looking to hire a web developer to fix 125 redirects in my site map for me. $25+/hr or you tell me what the whole job would cost as a package.

Thank you!

[Hiring] (Online) Web Developer for Website Recreation [$100 USD]


  • Project Scope: Only need the recreation of above website's scrolling UI. Needs to function the exact same way (for both mobile & desktop) but the clickable links
    • Loadbar isn't needed
    • Popout menu when clicked isn't need
    • Contact us popup/menu isn't needed
    • Strictly the fullscreen / full browser-like scrolling on deskptop and especially on mobile as well as that jello-like effect while scrolling
  • Due Date: September 13th, 2019 (This Friday)
  • Requirements: Before payment, you will need to provide a video link to demo functioning for both desktop and mobile EXACTLY as the example does. This is a must as I've already been burned twice and I need to deliver within less than a week

It's a simple ask. I just don't have the time to make the deadline for client. If any questions please don't hesitate to comment below or message me privately. Thank you.

Looking for a remote React Intern / Junior Web Dev role [For Hire] [$15/hr]


I am a web dev freelancer who primarily works on static websites and Gatsby/NetlifyCMS websites and am looking to expand to work on Javascript and React/Redux. The intention is primarily to move away from static web development towards more dynamic full stack applications. The goal of internship is to learn and build a longer term working relationship with the client.

I am a former Systems Administrator who quit his job to move towards web development and have since then learnt and developed my skills on a web technologies such as :

  1. HTML, CSS
  2. Javascript
  3. React + Redux (with hooks)
  4. Express + Node
  5. MongoDB
  6. TailwindCSS
  7. Linux, RHEL7 (since I am a former Sysadmin)

A few months ago, I started working as a freelancer building basic static websites for clients and leveraging my React knowledge for building sites using Gatsby on the JAMStack. Other than that, I have build a personal note taking application which is currently hosted on heroku and the code is available to explore on Github. I am also building a full stack application for a family member for a courses site, but it is still under development and is closed source (private repository on my GitHub).

Note App (MyKeep) : (TestUsername: , password: test12345) Code :

This notes app (MyKeep) was built using React, Redux, Express and MongoDB with Bulma used for styling.

An example of static site that I have recently built for a client is a Gatsby Website which was designed, built and integrated with NetlifyCMS in mere 7 days from scratch :

Price: $15/hr (minimum allowed by this subreddit)

Location: India

Work Timings: Happy to co-ordinate with your timings.

Communication: Fluent in written, verbal English.

Please comment here / message me if you would be interested in hiring me. Feel free to request for a video/telephonic interview if required.

Regards, Sangeet

[Hiring] (wordpress) Web Designer for easy post creating and payment processing


Is there anyone out there that can get the following done for me?

Basically, I want a simple online course website where I can sell my courses that I post and they have lifetime access to them afterwards.

You can use wordpress to make everything much faster for yourself.

  • Build simple website layout similar to
    • Simple contact us chat button widget
  • Login
    • Users can log into their account and access:
      • Account Information - basically shows their email, name, and courses purchased
      • Video Courses purchased - All the video courses that they have bought using that account is accessible. They can watch the course in the browser.
  • Product page
    • Includes simple list of products like at
      • Includes individual product page templates with link to buy it within each individual product.
      • Each product Includes payment processing with Paypal or Credit Card
    • Include personal (admin only access) "Create new product" button when I'm logged in where I can fill in fields / images / videos / prices to fill in a template and create a new product I can sell.
  • Include blog section where only I can post simple blogs and include images and videos.
    • People can like, comment, and share posts
    • Any person (connected with google or facebook) can post a reply.
    • Allow me admin access where I can delete posts from the database.

Finally, please connect my website to an easy hosting service. Probably going to be HostGator. I can change DNS settings.

I will provide logos/graphics, but I need ideal image sizes so I can craft them perfectly for the website.

Let me know if anyone can get this done.

Budget about 200 USD.

Message me your portfolio and details.

[HIRING] Web Developer to install bootstrap Admin dashboard template for ERPNext

BACKSTORY: We are an Engineer-to-Order architectural millwork manufacturing facility that executes contracts for large clients yet our processes and methods are antiquated. I am attempting to find a software to work specifically for us but this requires modifying an existing open source ERP or program management software for our intentions. We mostly need to manage our portion of commercial construction projects, link production orders to the project, apply time against processes (as in, how long as this part being cut by the Panel Saw), perform job costing, HR, inventory control and shipment management.

JOB: ERPNext (Github is here) is the best candidate for us. But the Desk is far too unfriendly. It is built on Frappe framework and utilizes Python, Javascript, MariaDB, Redis, Node. We want to take the functionality of ERPNext and use a different dashboard such as this. This will involve understanding how ERPNext's pages, DocTypes, modules, and forms work. Then, organizing their places among the menu.

Note that a lot of the various elements will be either left to a Misc menu or left out completely as we will not use it anyways.

For this program, we have allocated an entire VPS on its own to host it using Ubuntu 18.04. You will be given SFTP access.


  • Install agreed-upon dashboard
  • Implement all menu options
  • Ensure functionality of all modules, web forms, etc
  • Have menu remain as users navigate through website


SUBMISSIONS: Please specify if you have any experience with front end development, Frappe framework, ERPNext and include your estimated hours for completion as well as your requested rate.

[HIRING] Looking to hire a web designer for a fintech startup


I am looking for someone to build a landing page on wix/wordpress with a signup for our beta. I have some templates and color schemes that I am trying out. I need the site relatively soon, as I have a pitch on the 10th.

Please let me know if you're interested. Pay is negotiable based on your experience level, for this sub's guidelines I will put the pay at $30/hr.

[Hiring] Looking for a web dev familiar with online web dashboards, payment gateways, and connecting APIs.

All features are from the API and should be somewhat easy to connect. Would like it connected with stripe and PayPal. Looking to pay $500-$700 after completion and can show proof of funds. Discord-Logloo#6967

[HIRING] Web developer to create online social network

Hi there, I work in comms in the UK and have an idea for a professional social network. I have all the copy / content ideas but unfortunately need the expertise of a web developer to help me create this idea.

Happy to pay £30 an hour, though ideally I'd love to do a collaboration and find a CTO to help me launch this!

[Hiring] (Online) Web Content Writer (blogger), Topics: Tech-focused careers, remote work, coding education, startups


I'm looking for a writer who can support me with 1-2 articles per week on my tech, startup, programming online education blog. Preferably, we could work together on an ongoing basis.

Here are a few example topics:
- Is javascript difficult to learn
- How to find a remote job
- 10 Tech-focused jobs that pay over $100k
- how to create an awesome ux/ui portfolio

Target audience:
- Current and recently graduated college students and people wanting to break into a tech-focused career
- People between 20-50 years old.
- People who have not majored in a tech subject in school

Voice/Tone: Casual, Informal, using "I" or "We"

Most articles will be between 700 and 1500 words.

Currently, I would be able to offer $0.05-0.07 per word, negotiable.

Payment preferably via Paypal (but I'm open to using a different processor)

If you are interested, please reach out via PM with a link to your portfolio (or samples) and your rate.

[Hiring] Web Developer \ UI Expert with BigCommerce Experience $500+ Budget

I’m currently launching a new online store and have completed over 50% of the work so far myself; I’m looking for someone to assist in the completion of tweaking the template. Majority of the work involves editing the template stylesheets, fixing the few minor UI bugs and modifying the layout.

The ideal person will have extensive experience working with CSS, SCSS and cross-browser compatibility.

If interested, send me a message and we’ll go from there.

[Hiring] (Online) Mid-Senior Frontend Web Developer Contract (JS/HTML/CSS) $25-$45 / hour (based on experience)

The full job description and how to apply can be found on the website:

This is a remote position for a mid-senior level developer. You can ask questions in the comments or use the email on the description page.


Hi, I need someone to design an interactive online courses website which has a design to similar if not exact to the following website ( ... my current website is My budget is between $300-500. I need someone who can deliver and is confident in their work.

[Hiring] (Charlotte, NC ) Title: Web Developer - Front End

Rate: $80/hr on W2

The Web Developer will be part of the Clients Web and Mobile team and will work on Angular and .NET development tasks. The ideal candidate should have great experience developing web applications in Angular 5 or later and a strong .NET background.

Responsibilities include:
1. Analyze project requirements and designing the components defined in the business requirements
2. Design, code and deploy web applications written in Angular 5 or later and C#
3. Identify, troubleshoot and resolve web application issues
4. Create technical specifications and test plans
6. Collaborate with business and team members



  1. Minimum 5 years experiences in Angular development

  2. Solid working knowledge of the web front end development

  3. Excellent organizational and time management skills

  4. Attention to detail, quick learner and produce quality documentation


  1. Experience in .NET web service development experience in addition to Angular development

  2. Microsoft Azure PaaS experience

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for a candidate with strong Angular experience developing web applications. A candidate with additional experience developing C# applications as well hosting web applications in Microsoft Azure would be a plus.

drop resume: [](

[For Hire] Business and Book Copyeditor

Hi there!

I am a talented copyeditor and proofreader here to offer my services to businesses and self-publishing authors.

I possess four years of experience in corporate editing and a year of experience in fiction/non-fiction editing.

Business Editing

On the business side, I currently work as a content editor for a consulting net admin in the Southeast US healthcare market. I edit forms, sensitive correspondence, and just generally make sure any content produced for their employers looks top notch.

I have previously worked for web developers and an Edmonton-based marketing firm. I also currently operate as a proofreader for a high-level IT career coach; I've edited over 30 resumes and profiles of executives in the US and Canadian tech markets.

Literary Editing

On the literary side, I have copyedited or proofread 20 titles during 2019, ranging from non-fic self-help to fic supernatural thrillers.

More specifically, I am open to editing titles that are in the self-help space as well as thrillers, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and alt-history. Other genres are possible, of course, as the mechanics of copyediting are fairly universal. :)

I work to tighten language, to resolve grammatical conundrums, and to make sure you're using the right words in the right places. I also enforce stylistic consistency across your document so readers aren't getting whiplash with inconsistent punctuation, spelling, and style.

Testimonials and Rates

I maintain a website. Check out my testimonials here. If you are interested in hiring me for your books, please check out my portfolio of edited titles on this page.

Rates: My business editing rate begins at $0.0125 USD per word, with a minimum charge of $15 USD. Retaining deals welcome.

My literary copyediting rate begins at $0.005 USD a word while my literary proofreading rate begins at $0.002 USD a word. A more accurate quote can be provided once you send me an excerpt of your manuscript.

I accept payment via PayPal or TransferWise.

Thank you for your time! Please contact me via email at if you are interested in working with me.

[Hiring] Web designs to responsive frontend with bootstrap 4

Hi! :)

We are talking around 10 pages. They are pretty straightforward. Designed with Figma which makes it excellent to dev.

This is an example of a complicated one:

As you can see, not that complicated. I've done the rest of the pages also in Bootstrap 4, but time is of the essence and I could use a hand.

I have no idea what the price range for something like this is, so please PM with your offer plus something to gauge your skills (code or website by you, etc.)

Good luck!

EDIT: I have never hired a person to only do this kind of job so I'm honestly lost in terms of price. I've looked up posts by other people and hasn't helped much. But people posted between 15$ and 20$ per hour. The pages are really simple. I'm not a pro and it takes me about 30 minutes per page to have a responsive HTML using bootstrap. So I want to say something around 150$ for 10 pages, no dynamic stuff, nothing fancy. If you know SEO though, that's a bonus which I'd be interested in talking about!

[Hiring] Experienced full-stack Web+Mobile Developers (React / Django / Swift) $30+/hr

I am developing a website with an associated mobile app, and need to hire 1 or more developers to help me out.

Must haves:

  1. Github or personal portfolio of some kind where I can see actual code that you've written
  2. 5+ years professional experience as a full-stack web or mobile developer (both is even better, of course)
  3. Experience with React.js
  4. Experience with AWS for hosting & deployment
  5. Understanding of SQL / database concepts
  6. Fluent English

Nice to haves:

  1. College degree in Computer Science or similar field
  2. Located in Chicago, USA or nearby. (Remote is fine, but will pay significantly more for somebody I can meet up with in-person)
  3. Experience with Django (Python) for building web applications
  4. Experience with Swift / React Native for building iOS applications

Depending on experience level and scope, looking to pay at least $30 USD per hour for what should be at least 10-20+ hours of work. Higher pay is negotiable. I can also pay in Bitcoin

Feel free to PM me or email me

[Hiring] Web Developer for Small Website

Hey Guys/Gals,

I am looking for someone to create a website for me. My father is an auto insurance agent and is looking to get a basic web presence established. I believe that this shouldn't take an experienced developer longer than 4 to 5 hours but I could be wrong. Nothing crazy would be required as he is just looking to communicate the different types of auto policies he sells, our location and contact information. Also, there could be a need to add a payment portal, but that could be harder to achieve due to a third party application having all the payment data (Every customer has a different amount that is due every month). Let me know if this is a project that you are interested in. I'd preferably like whoever messages me to include links to some of their already created websites! Let me know if you need any more information.



[HIRING] Web Designer with Laravel background

We need a good web designer proficient with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and has experience development on Laravel

  • Programming Languages as (HTML5, CSS3, MySql, JQuery, Javascript, SASS/SCSS, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Must be knowledge using the Laravel framework
  • Working Experienced source code management like Git

  • Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like

  • Translate concepts into user flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes that lead to intuitive user experiences.

  • Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps

  • Design graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs and widgets

  • Build page navigation buttons and search fields

  • Facilitate the client’s product vision by researching, conceiving, sketching, prototyping and user-testing experiences for digital products.

  • Design and deliver wireframes, user stories, user journeys, and mockups optimized for a wide range of devices and interfaces.

  • Identify design problems and devise elegant solutions.

  • Make strategic design and user-experience decisions related to core, and new, functions and features.

  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.

  • Ask smart questions, take risks and champion new ideas.

Pay is around $10~25/hr

[Hiring] (Anywhere) UX/UI Designer for web app re-design and website facelift.

We're looking to bring on a designer to the team. Ideally we're looking for someone who has a very solid UX/UI background, strong attention to detail, experience with working remote and a basic knowledge of front-end development.

Budget: $1500-$2000 (flexible)

Project scope and details will be provided if we feel you're a good fit.

Please respond with your portfolio, desired hourly and your immediate availability. Thanks!

[Hiring] Web/Tool Developer (Very short notice)

I'm in need of someone that is able to create a tool for me, that would be hosted on a website. No idea what code language this would be in that's out of my expertise, my expertise is the functionality of the tool.

The functionality of the tool is fairly straight forward and simple.

Users would be able to create events based on a bunch of variables (Effectively filling out a form and clicking a button to create the event).

Other users can see events that meet their search criteria (They fill out the form too with what they're looking for) and sign up for these events.

When someone signs up for the event the creator gets notified, in real time with relevant information about the person that has signed up for the event, based on the variables they have entered.

I don't care about it looking pretty, or design, I just care about functionality. I can give you the very exact specifics of the project in private but not willing to share them publicly, to my understanding this is something that should in theory take a couple of hours. I'm willing to pay accordingly, although I do not anticipate this to be something that costs thousands or even many hundreds. We're talking something that to my understanding is only a few hours work.

It also needs to be finished in 48 hours. I understand this is short notice.

[Hiring] Offering web development services in exchange for graphic design services

I need a logo for my game. In return, I can help you build a portfolio online. Please pm me with samples of your work if you are interested. I'm interested in an 8-bit style design, but it doesn't have to be that way. I can tell you more about my game in pm so you can get a good idea of what I am looking for.

For example, I like the logos here:

[Hiring] A web developer familiar with Shopify to style our site like a replica site we've found.

We are looking for someone to replicate the product page of a Shopify site we've found to our page. Our budget is $200 USD for the entire project to be paid on completion. Unfortunately $200 is all we have so we don't have any room to barter, so please, only serious inquiries!

[Hiring] Web Developer. We specifically need a site polished and made presentable — must be done in html.

Hey guys.

So, we (my /r/forhire post was successful and I caught on with an awesome startup) need a web developer. We've got a site up, but it needs polishing desperately.

It has to be done in HTML because we're running a custom node.js backend, and the application we've developed is completely dependent upon our website. We haven't had the time to do it ourselves because we've got a launch date coming up, so we need some outside help.

Budget for the project is ~$300 with some wiggle room, as it really should just take a couple of hours.

Let's see them orangereds.

[Hiring] looking for script to parse web pages, log data to google sheets or folder in drive

I'm looking for a web parser that will parse pages and put it into google sheets. This is text (eventually images) from websites that involve submitting form and are more complex than standard HTML. (1) -- submit address and log any changes to tabs. (2) -- download utility Bill's, redact information from pdf, save with total utility amount, address of service, and bill date in file name. (3) download utility Bill's, redact information from pdf, save with total utility amount, address of service, and bill date in file name. (4) create shareable link of new PDF from google/dropbox folder and upload to with amount, description, and due date set by utility (see 2/3). (5) download pictures and videos from or security cameras and save to google drive/dropbox.

Open to bugs on any of these individually as well.

I do not want to run any infrastructure. I'm hoping this can be run in server less cloud like AWS beanstalk/lambda/azure/insert "cloud" vendor here.

Edit: I'm not sure about rate. This is not hourly work. Ballpark $125

[HIRING] Web Developer - P2P Gambling (Roulette) - 600$

Hey Developers,

I'm looking for a someone to potentially code me a roulette style site (frontend and backend), operating with P2P payments, ETH/Bitcoin, with UI similar to CSGO500ish? My budget is at the most 600$ but am willing to negotiate for good work. No need to help me set it up or get a domain etc as I can take care of that. Please message me on reddit if your interested and I will send you more contact details.

I don't need a custom made script also speaking so if you have source code you want to use that is completely fine.

[Hiring] WORDPRESS Web Designer

Need a WP web designer. All content is ready, just need things moved around and edited to make everything nicer.

Pay starts at $20/h or we can set a set price. Please PM me with your portfolio.

[Hiring] (Online) Web and mobile full-stack developer

About Stratosphere Digital

We’re a small, remote, full-stack digital agency that designs and develops websites, web apps, mobile apps, and other custom software for clients around the world. Learn more about us at

What We’re Offering

  • $70-$90 per hour depending on experience
  • 80-140 hours per month ongoing
  • 1099 contract
  • Remote (U.S. time zones required). Work hours would be very flexible, but you’d be expected to be available during normal business hours if something comes up.

Job Description

We’re looking for a developer to write code on a variety of custom software projects. You’d work solo as well as in tandem with our lead developer, and would also work with our lead designer to implement his designs. You’d need to be comfortable interacting with clients directly from time to time.

Some of the tools we frequently use are Slack, Trello, Harvest, Figma, Google Docs, and UberConference.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • At least 5 years of full-stack software development experience
  • Proven experience leading the development of complex software applications
  • Comfortable writing code for both web and mobile platforms
  • Ability to interact with clients and communicate with non-technical stakeholders
  • Good productivity with the technologies below (though a willingness to learn and improve is what’s most important)
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript/TypeScript (Vue.js, React, Angular, ES6+)
  • CSS3/Sass
  • HTML5
  • SPAs
  • Mobile apps (Java, Objective-C, Swift, React Native, Cordova)

To apply, email your resume to, with DEVCONTRACT: [Your Name] in the subject line.

[Hiring] Content, PR, & Social Media Specialist

LDM is looking to contract a part-time social media and content specialist to be part of our team. As a small digital agency, social, content, and SEO strategies are a major part of what we do, and we're hoping to bring someone (or a couple people) in to support us in those efforts.

Social media responsibilities would include:

  • Monitoring of social media accounts

  • Posting interesting, engaging content

  • Running paid social campaigns is preferred, but not necessary.

  • Running contests and promotions

  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest

Our clients are not heavy users of social media marketing, so it's more maintenance and general updates for now (although many are open to ideas if there's an opportunity to expand).

We're also looking for someone who has experience creating web content, blogging, press releases, etc. Some of these responsibilities would include:

  • Blogging for clients

  • Guest posts and article placements

  • Press Releases

  • Landing page copy

  • Website copy

  • Email marketing copy

If you are a social media specialist but not a writer, or a writer but not a specialist in social media, that is not a problem. We are open to hiring multiple people for the roles with focused specialists for each skillset.

English fluency is mandatory for these roles, and we're looking to hire on a part-time or hourly basis. We are looking for someone who has at least 10-20 hours/week available to start. Compensation based on experience and portfolio in the $25-$40/hr range.

[For Hire] Full Stack Software Developer and PO/CTO with 25+ years of international experience

Hey, my name is Stefan. I’m a Full Stack Developer & Architect with long time management background with over 25 years of experience, focused on SaaS, Web/Mobile Apps and Messaging Applications. I've developed and managed development of full products used from AIG, Swisscom, Néstle, Sunrise, Orange, Cornerbank, Telia, Link Mobility and others.

Relevant links:

How I can help you?

  • Designing and developing your new web or mobile application from zero
  • Adding new features on your existing project
  • Fixing problems or reducing technical debt on your existing project
  • Give you technical advice on your project or idea
  • Be your Remote CTO for your IT area or startup (not interested in equity only, sorry)
  • Building your Development Offshore Team in Southeast Asia.

Why should you hire me instead of someone else?

  • I'm not a "Yes Sir, I will do it guy". I'm sure I am not paid for that, but best possible solution, even if this is not the one you initially had in mind.
  • I have both technical and business background. So productivity and cost effectiveness is included.
  • I have plenty of experience developing new products from zero and making them run smoothly under heavy traffic
  • I'm easy to work with. I focus on listening on what you really need and only after I'll suggest solutions
  • I'll guide you through an easy-to-follow process to make sure what we're building is what you need.
  • I have a sense for design and business, so you're not only hiring a developer but a generalist who happens to be a pretty good software engineer
  • I'm aware of fact that I'm not the cheapest guy out there, but you will get a really fair output from me.

What's my tech stack?

  • My main stack consists of Go, JavaScript, Vue/Angular/React, Sql/NoSql, Redis, MQ's, Docker, Rancher.
  • Mobile App's I can do in React Native or Ionic or work with well known partners.

What's my rate?

Really depends on challenge, mainly on duration of project and role.

  • 80-150 USD/hour

What kind of opportunities I prefer?

  • Full-Stack Developer Full-Time, Part-Time, Project Based (Contracted/Freelancer)
  • Remote CTO, Head of Software Production
  • Only 100% Remote

If this makes you interested and you have an interesting project to bring done, find my contacts on



[Hiring] WordPress Web Designer Wanted!

Hey There -

If this goes against community standards, then please feel free to delete. We're a small Red Sox content website that's WordPress based, and run by two individuals with very little knowledge of how to design a website. We've grown exponentially over the last few months and years and are looking to hire someone to redesign our website and help us with SEO and other items to stand out in a crowded market.

Our Site: SoxSphere.Com

We're looking for something that catches a reader's eye. BoSoxInjection has a solid website that we'd like to use similar concepts from and Cover1(.net) is another one.

Price / Rate: TBD - We're looking to see how much something would generally cost to accomplish.

Best Contact: [SoxSphereMB@Gmail.Com](mailto:SoxSphereMB@Gmail.Com)

[Hiring] Need help on .NET Core / MSSQL / Azure Web Application - Remote

I have too much work and am looking for someone to pick up some of the development load on a new project - extra points if you're an experienced web architect.

New project is just kicking off, pretty straightforward (though broad) web database application with some interesting external integrations (via well-documented APIs). You'll be helping on every phase from architecture and planning through testing and initial support.

Budget is $2000 - $2500 per month, I expect the project to last 3-6 months. I have a fair bit of other work available for an outstanding developer.

Excellent written and spoken English is a must, but I'm flexible on location otherwise. You will have to sign an NDA as you will have access to proprietary information and code. I will also require at least 2 current references who can speak to your abilities and work ethic.

[HIRING] Web designer

Looking to hire a web designer to complement the work of a web developer putting an e-commerce website together for me. I need a designer to do the branding and overall make it stand out. Also interested in SEO. This could be a great project for someone wanting more experience and exposure. Budget is $100-$200. If you’re interested, can you please send me information on your rates and/or your portfolio?

[Hiring] Looking for Melbourne based freelance web developer who we can refer smaller jobs to

Hey all, I run a Melbourne (Australia) small digital agency called and we are hoping to find a freelance dev to refer smaller jobs to.

Most of these requests are something to do with Wordpress and might be small bugs or small changes. Most of it is HTML, CSS, JS and PHP development work ie. not just configuring Wordpress and plugins from the admin UI. Also some stuff with other CMSs, domains and email.

Some random examples could be;

  • Fixing a bug or conflict between plugins
  • Adding small pieces of functionality by making a shortcode
  • Adding RECAPTCHA to a form
  • Working with ACF
  • Tweaking styles
  • Domain changes
  • Email migration or setting up transactional email services
  • We're hoping to build up an ongoing relationship with someone suitable.

Compensation for this could either be hourly rate between $50-100/hr AUD depending on experience, based on amounts for a specific project or a 10% referral fee.

Happy to answer any questions, and if you think you could be a good fit shoot me a pm with your location, experience and a bit about yourself.


[For Hire] I plan, design, code, build your idea into an actual product. Web Developer at your services. $25/h

Check out my [Portfolio].



  • Prototyping
  • Front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Web application design & development
  • Website design & development
  • E-commerce development
  • WordPress custom themes



Hello, Redditors! Happy and excited to be offering my services here.

I’m a front-end developer and web consultant passionate about web development technologies and customer experience.

I design and develop web apps and websites for startups and entrepreneurs of all sizes. Don't be afraid to contact me and tell me more about your project!

Here’s my portfolio: Elbert Cortez.

Hourly Rate: $25/h




My timezone: EST (anywhere from 9am to 10pm) Please contact me if you are interested in hiring me for a potential project or as an additional hand for your team!

I can be reached through my [Portfolio] contact form, [Portfolio] chat-app or even Reddit PMs.


[Hiring] WordPress Web Designer

Hey all!

I'm looking for another designer to join my web design company. We only use wordpress for the websites we build so experience with WP is required. This is not a one time gig, you will be assigned one website(maybe two) a month. You'll be working with our design team so average work should only be like two weeks a month. Our UI/UX designer gives us a mockup and we recreate it as close as possible in Wordpress. For the first project you'll be working with me. The first project is a website for a new medicine(5 pages). I pay per project, not hourly. First project budget - $4000. It is required you send me examples of your work. If you don't have a resume, just tell me about yourself. Huge preference if you are experienced with the wordpress theme, Enfold. Even greater preference if you have experience with Enfold + Layerslider. We are based on the east coast, USA. I would like to chose an employee by midnight today, but I will keep reading messages until tomorrow.

[Hiring] (Online) Web Developer needed to create website for an online gaming group

Budget: $300-500 (Flexible, we can discuss beforehand)

- Experience with web development front end and back end

- Must be able to create a database for stats and records

We are looking for someone to create a website for a competitive gaming group that runs multiple competitive leagues. No preference to the framework the site is created in as long as it is modern, and I'd hope to set something up where we can have you do maintenance over time for an hourly rate if we ever need it. The site would have to be able to include our statistics for player performance in game as well as track win/loss ratios for teams and other random stats, the site should be able to hold clips of highlights, blog posts for our power rankings and written content, have lists of staff contacts, and have a "contact us" feature.

Please either dm me on reddit here, or message me on discord at Nick#8896 with previous work and your estimated price.

[HIRING] [AUS] Looking for a Web Designer competent in Divi

We're a design agency based in rural Victoria, and are looking for a web designer who can whip up a website using the Divi builder for Wordpress.

We're only hiring Australian based designers right now, so please only reply if you live in Australia.

You'll be given information about the website, with content and images, and it'll be up to you to design the website to fit the clients branding.

There will be no custom development needed, just competence in Wordpress and Visual Builders. Please provide proof of some sorts that you are able to do this, along with your rate. (We'll negotiate an hourly rate)

This is not on-going work, we have a number of websites to create over the next month, but we will keep your contact info and throw any extra work to you.

Bonus points for anyone who is in Rural Victoria, or Melbourne at the least.