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[Hiring] A web developer familiar with Shopify to style our site like a replica site we've found.

We are looking for someone to replicate the product page of a Shopify site we've found to our page. Our budget is $200 USD for the entire project to be paid on completion. Unfortunately $200 is all we have so we don't have any room to barter, so please, only serious inquiries!

[Hiring] Web Developer. We specifically need a site polished and made presentable — must be done in html.

Hey guys.

So, we (my /r/forhire post was successful and I caught on with an awesome startup) need a web developer. We've got a site up, but it needs polishing desperately.

It has to be done in HTML because we're running a custom node.js backend, and the application we've developed is completely dependent upon our website. We haven't had the time to do it ourselves because we've got a launch date coming up, so we need some outside help.

Budget for the project is ~$300 with some wiggle room, as it really should just take a couple of hours.

Let's see them orangereds.

[Hiring] looking for script to parse web pages, log data to google sheets or folder in drive

I'm looking for a web parser that will parse pages and put it into google sheets. This is text (eventually images) from websites that involve submitting form and are more complex than standard HTML. (1) -- submit address and log any changes to tabs. (2) -- download utility Bill's, redact information from pdf, save with total utility amount, address of service, and bill date in file name. (3) download utility Bill's, redact information from pdf, save with total utility amount, address of service, and bill date in file name. (4) create shareable link of new PDF from google/dropbox folder and upload to with amount, description, and due date set by utility (see 2/3). (5) download pictures and videos from or security cameras and save to google drive/dropbox.

Open to bugs on any of these individually as well.

I do not want to run any infrastructure. I'm hoping this can be run in server less cloud like AWS beanstalk/lambda/azure/insert "cloud" vendor here.

Edit: I'm not sure about rate. This is not hourly work. Ballpark $125

[HIRING] Web Developer - P2P Gambling (Roulette) - 600$

Hey Developers,

I'm looking for a someone to potentially code me a roulette style site (frontend and backend), operating with P2P payments, ETH/Bitcoin, with UI similar to CSGO500ish? My budget is at the most 600$ but am willing to negotiate for good work. No need to help me set it up or get a domain etc as I can take care of that. Please message me on reddit if your interested and I will send you more contact details.

I don't need a custom made script also speaking so if you have source code you want to use that is completely fine.

[Hiring] WORDPRESS Web Designer

Need a WP web designer. All content is ready, just need things moved around and edited to make everything nicer.

Pay starts at $20/h or we can set a set price. Please PM me with your portfolio.

[Hiring] (Online) Web and mobile full-stack developer

About Stratosphere Digital

We’re a small, remote, full-stack digital agency that designs and develops websites, web apps, mobile apps, and other custom software for clients around the world. Learn more about us at

What We’re Offering

  • $70-$90 per hour depending on experience
  • 80-140 hours per month ongoing
  • 1099 contract
  • Remote (U.S. time zones required). Work hours would be very flexible, but you’d be expected to be available during normal business hours if something comes up.

Job Description

We’re looking for a developer to write code on a variety of custom software projects. You’d work solo as well as in tandem with our lead developer, and would also work with our lead designer to implement his designs. You’d need to be comfortable interacting with clients directly from time to time.

Some of the tools we frequently use are Slack, Trello, Harvest, Figma, Google Docs, and UberConference.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • At least 5 years of full-stack software development experience
  • Proven experience leading the development of complex software applications
  • Comfortable writing code for both web and mobile platforms
  • Ability to interact with clients and communicate with non-technical stakeholders
  • Good productivity with the technologies below (though a willingness to learn and improve is what’s most important)
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript/TypeScript (Vue.js, React, Angular, ES6+)
  • CSS3/Sass
  • HTML5
  • SPAs
  • Mobile apps (Java, Objective-C, Swift, React Native, Cordova)

To apply, email your resume to, with DEVCONTRACT: [Your Name] in the subject line.

[Hiring] Content, PR, & Social Media Specialist

LDM is looking to contract a part-time social media and content specialist to be part of our team. As a small digital agency, social, content, and SEO strategies are a major part of what we do, and we're hoping to bring someone (or a couple people) in to support us in those efforts.

Social media responsibilities would include:

  • Monitoring of social media accounts

  • Posting interesting, engaging content

  • Running paid social campaigns is preferred, but not necessary.

  • Running contests and promotions

  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest

Our clients are not heavy users of social media marketing, so it's more maintenance and general updates for now (although many are open to ideas if there's an opportunity to expand).

We're also looking for someone who has experience creating web content, blogging, press releases, etc. Some of these responsibilities would include:

  • Blogging for clients

  • Guest posts and article placements

  • Press Releases

  • Landing page copy

  • Website copy

  • Email marketing copy

If you are a social media specialist but not a writer, or a writer but not a specialist in social media, that is not a problem. We are open to hiring multiple people for the roles with focused specialists for each skillset.

English fluency is mandatory for these roles, and we're looking to hire on a part-time or hourly basis. We are looking for someone who has at least 10-20 hours/week available to start. Compensation based on experience and portfolio in the $25-$40/hr range.

[For Hire] Full Stack Software Developer and PO/CTO with 25+ years of international experience

Hey, my name is Stefan. I’m a Full Stack Developer & Architect with long time management background with over 25 years of experience, focused on SaaS, Web/Mobile Apps and Messaging Applications. I've developed and managed development of full products used from AIG, Swisscom, Néstle, Sunrise, Orange, Cornerbank, Telia, Link Mobility and others.

Relevant links:

How I can help you?

  • Designing and developing your new web or mobile application from zero
  • Adding new features on your existing project
  • Fixing problems or reducing technical debt on your existing project
  • Give you technical advice on your project or idea
  • Be your Remote CTO for your IT area or startup (not interested in equity only, sorry)
  • Building your Development Offshore Team in Southeast Asia.

Why should you hire me instead of someone else?

  • I'm not a "Yes Sir, I will do it guy". I'm sure I am not paid for that, but best possible solution, even if this is not the one you initially had in mind.
  • I have both technical and business background. So productivity and cost effectiveness is included.
  • I have plenty of experience developing new products from zero and making them run smoothly under heavy traffic
  • I'm easy to work with. I focus on listening on what you really need and only after I'll suggest solutions
  • I'll guide you through an easy-to-follow process to make sure what we're building is what you need.
  • I have a sense for design and business, so you're not only hiring a developer but a generalist who happens to be a pretty good software engineer
  • I'm aware of fact that I'm not the cheapest guy out there, but you will get a really fair output from me.

What's my tech stack?

  • My main stack consists of Go, JavaScript, Vue/Angular/React, Sql/NoSql, Redis, MQ's, Docker, Rancher.
  • Mobile App's I can do in React Native or Ionic or work with well known partners.

What's my rate?

Really depends on challenge, mainly on duration of project and role.

  • 80-150 USD/hour

What kind of opportunities I prefer?

  • Full-Stack Developer Full-Time, Part-Time, Project Based (Contracted/Freelancer)
  • Remote CTO, Head of Software Production
  • Only 100% Remote

If this makes you interested and you have an interesting project to bring done, find my contacts on



[Hiring] WordPress Web Designer Wanted!

Hey There -

If this goes against community standards, then please feel free to delete. We're a small Red Sox content website that's WordPress based, and run by two individuals with very little knowledge of how to design a website. We've grown exponentially over the last few months and years and are looking to hire someone to redesign our website and help us with SEO and other items to stand out in a crowded market.

Our Site: SoxSphere.Com

We're looking for something that catches a reader's eye. BoSoxInjection has a solid website that we'd like to use similar concepts from and Cover1(.net) is another one.

Price / Rate: TBD - We're looking to see how much something would generally cost to accomplish.

Best Contact: [SoxSphereMB@Gmail.Com](mailto:SoxSphereMB@Gmail.Com)

[Hiring] Need help on .NET Core / MSSQL / Azure Web Application - Remote

I have too much work and am looking for someone to pick up some of the development load on a new project - extra points if you're an experienced web architect.

New project is just kicking off, pretty straightforward (though broad) web database application with some interesting external integrations (via well-documented APIs). You'll be helping on every phase from architecture and planning through testing and initial support.

Budget is $2000 - $2500 per month, I expect the project to last 3-6 months. I have a fair bit of other work available for an outstanding developer.

Excellent written and spoken English is a must, but I'm flexible on location otherwise. You will have to sign an NDA as you will have access to proprietary information and code. I will also require at least 2 current references who can speak to your abilities and work ethic.

[HIRING] Web designer

Looking to hire a web designer to complement the work of a web developer putting an e-commerce website together for me. I need a designer to do the branding and overall make it stand out. Also interested in SEO. This could be a great project for someone wanting more experience and exposure. Budget is $100-$200. If you’re interested, can you please send me information on your rates and/or your portfolio?

[Hiring] Looking for Melbourne based freelance web developer who we can refer smaller jobs to

Hey all, I run a Melbourne (Australia) small digital agency called and we are hoping to find a freelance dev to refer smaller jobs to.

Most of these requests are something to do with Wordpress and might be small bugs or small changes. Most of it is HTML, CSS, JS and PHP development work ie. not just configuring Wordpress and plugins from the admin UI. Also some stuff with other CMSs, domains and email.

Some random examples could be;

  • Fixing a bug or conflict between plugins
  • Adding small pieces of functionality by making a shortcode
  • Adding RECAPTCHA to a form
  • Working with ACF
  • Tweaking styles
  • Domain changes
  • Email migration or setting up transactional email services
  • We're hoping to build up an ongoing relationship with someone suitable.

Compensation for this could either be hourly rate between $50-100/hr AUD depending on experience, based on amounts for a specific project or a 10% referral fee.

Happy to answer any questions, and if you think you could be a good fit shoot me a pm with your location, experience and a bit about yourself.


[For Hire] I plan, design, code, build your idea into an actual product. Web Developer at your services. $25/h

Check out my [Portfolio].



  • Prototyping
  • Front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Web application design & development
  • Website design & development
  • E-commerce development
  • WordPress custom themes



Hello, Redditors! Happy and excited to be offering my services here.

I’m a front-end developer and web consultant passionate about web development technologies and customer experience.

I design and develop web apps and websites for startups and entrepreneurs of all sizes. Don't be afraid to contact me and tell me more about your project!

Here’s my portfolio: Elbert Cortez.

Hourly Rate: $25/h




My timezone: EST (anywhere from 9am to 10pm) Please contact me if you are interested in hiring me for a potential project or as an additional hand for your team!

I can be reached through my [Portfolio] contact form, [Portfolio] chat-app or even Reddit PMs.


[Hiring] WordPress Web Designer

Hey all!

I'm looking for another designer to join my web design company. We only use wordpress for the websites we build so experience with WP is required. This is not a one time gig, you will be assigned one website(maybe two) a month. You'll be working with our design team so average work should only be like two weeks a month. Our UI/UX designer gives us a mockup and we recreate it as close as possible in Wordpress. For the first project you'll be working with me. The first project is a website for a new medicine(5 pages). I pay per project, not hourly. First project budget - $4000. It is required you send me examples of your work. If you don't have a resume, just tell me about yourself. Huge preference if you are experienced with the wordpress theme, Enfold. Even greater preference if you have experience with Enfold + Layerslider. We are based on the east coast, USA. I would like to chose an employee by midnight today, but I will keep reading messages until tomorrow.

[Hiring] (Online) Web Developer needed to create website for an online gaming group

Budget: $300-500 (Flexible, we can discuss beforehand)

- Experience with web development front end and back end

- Must be able to create a database for stats and records

We are looking for someone to create a website for a competitive gaming group that runs multiple competitive leagues. No preference to the framework the site is created in as long as it is modern, and I'd hope to set something up where we can have you do maintenance over time for an hourly rate if we ever need it. The site would have to be able to include our statistics for player performance in game as well as track win/loss ratios for teams and other random stats, the site should be able to hold clips of highlights, blog posts for our power rankings and written content, have lists of staff contacts, and have a "contact us" feature.

Please either dm me on reddit here, or message me on discord at Nick#8896 with previous work and your estimated price.

[HIRING] [AUS] Looking for a Web Designer competent in Divi

We're a design agency based in rural Victoria, and are looking for a web designer who can whip up a website using the Divi builder for Wordpress.

We're only hiring Australian based designers right now, so please only reply if you live in Australia.

You'll be given information about the website, with content and images, and it'll be up to you to design the website to fit the clients branding.

There will be no custom development needed, just competence in Wordpress and Visual Builders. Please provide proof of some sorts that you are able to do this, along with your rate. (We'll negotiate an hourly rate)

This is not on-going work, we have a number of websites to create over the next month, but we will keep your contact info and throw any extra work to you.

Bonus points for anyone who is in Rural Victoria, or Melbourne at the least.


[HIRING] Front-end developer (ReactJS, HTML, CSS) for web-app [$500]

Hello Redditors!

My name is Shiva, and I'm part of a small (two person) bootstrapped team looking for a remote front-end developer well-versed in ReactJS, HTML and CSS to create a landing page, fix some bugs and add some features (Stripe integration etc.) in our web-app. Experience in developing web-apps is ideal, but not necessary. Fixed price project ($500), possibility of future collaboration after product launch.

Interested candidates, please PM links to your GitHub and some live samples of your work. Thanks!

[Hiring] web designer - contract basis. Jobs start at $25/design. Up to $800/design.

We are hiring a web designer. No coding, only designing. We have contracts coming in that need modern designs. Designers should expect to create a page design/template that includes assets. Some designs may require multiple mockups. Looking for students/new graduates who are trying to get a start and hungry for work. Send me your portfolio and we may just hire you!

[Hiring] A blogger to write 2 posts a month on web security / security industry / news


I am looking for an experienced individual who can write 1-2 posts a month for our blog. This blog here: is a great example of the types of topics we want written on.

I want someone that can keep an eye on the industry and when something in the news needs to be posted on our own site, present the idea to me to approve.

You must have experience and be able to show this. If you do not have experience in the online security / encryption / certificates industry please do not PM me.

Please PM me if you are interested, along with examples of your work and experience. And 2 ideas for your first 2 articles you want to write. I will ignore any PMs that do not provide all this.

Our budget is flexible, based on your experience and content. between $40 to $100 depending on the length and quality of the articles. More is possible on really good articles.

Chat requests will be ignored.

[Hiring] A blogger to write 2 posts a month on web security / security industry /news


I am looking for an experienced individual who can write 1-2 posts a month for our blog. This blog here: is a great example of the types of topics we want written on.

You must have experience and be able to show this.

Please PM me if you are interested, along with example of your work and experience, and rates.

Our budget is flexible, based on your experience.

[For Hire] Corporate and Literary Copyeditor/Proofreader

Hi there!

I am a talented copyeditor and proofreader here to offer my services to businesses and self-publishing authors.

I possess four years of experience in corporate editing and a year of experience in fiction/non-fiction editing.

Business Editing

On the business side, I currently work as a content editor for a consulting net admin in the Southeast US healthcare market. I edit forms, sensitive correspondence, and just generally make sure any content produced for their employers looks top notch.

I have previously worked for web developers and an Edmonton-based marketing firm. I also currently operate as a proofreader for a high-level IT career coach.

Literary Editing

On the literary side, I have copyedited or proofread over a dozen titles during 2019, ranging from non-fic self-help to fic supernatural thrillers.

More specifically, I am open to editing titles that are in the self-help space as well as thrillers, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and alt-history. Other genres are possible, of course, as the mechanics of copyediting are fairly universal. :)

I work to tighten language, to resolve grammatical conundrums, and make sure you're using the right words in the right places. I also enforce stylistic consistency across your document so readers aren't getting whiplash with inconsistent punctuation, spelling, and style.

Testimonials and Rates

I maintain a website. Check out my testimonials here. If you are interested in hiring me for your books, please check out my portfolio of edited titles on this page.

Rates: My business editing rate begins at $0.0125 USD per word, with a minimum charge of $15 USD. Retaining deals welcome.

My literary copyediting rate begins at $0.005 USD a word while my literary proofreading rate begins at $0.002 USD a word. A more accurate quote can be provided once you send me an excerpt of your manuscript.

I accept payment via PayPal or TransferWise.

Thank you for your time! Please contact me via email at if you are interested in working with me.

[Hiring] (Online) Looking for coder for online questionnaire. Python web app. $600 or best offer.

I need an app for issuing questionnaires, and nothing out there at present seems to meet my needs. Here's what I'm looking for:

Simple interface that looks good on mobile. Status bar at the top with:

  1. Profile link
  2. The number of questions answered.
  3. Z: Z = ((Q - 1) * Q)/2 (where Q is the number of questions answered)

Beneath the status bar is a single question and its answer options. Once that question has been answered, another question will be displayed. Some questions will have a single image attached.

Question types:

  1. 2-4 answer multiple choice (radio buttons)
  2. short answer (text box)
  3. 7 item Likert scale (I really like the way the BDSM test color-codes the options: mildly NSFW link)
  4. checkboxes (up to ten options)

Each user is assigned a unique User ID, and a link so that they can come back and continue to answer questions later. This way we don't need a login system and we don't need to collect email addresses. I'm thinking the link will be emailed to them, but their email address will not be saved. That way they have a record of it, but we're not collecting identifying information because of GDPR or similar.

Answers being given by users should be recorded in a .csv file not accessible to the person taking the questionnaire.

User ID answer 1 timestamp 1 answer 2 timestamp 2 ...
[ID] A 2018-12-23 19:29:33 7 2018-12-20 11:07:24 ...

The next question displayed is determined by unseen variables which are modified by the answers from previous questions:

  1. Timers. These can be set to a number of seconds. While one is counting down, it has no impact on the questions being selected. When the timer runs out, the next question is a certain one. So this will be something like [300,1198] -- in other words, after 300 seconds have been counted, the next question asked will be #1198.
  2. A question count. These function like the timer, but count questions instead of seconds. So it could be like [10,1198] -- in other words, ten questions will be asked, and the 11th question will be #1198.
  3. Numerical variables. These are something like [1000,797], [500,921], [2500,1198]. The 2500 one has the highest priority, so #1198 will be asked next. Assuming that question #1198 doesn't queue up the next question or change the values of these variables, 1000 will now have the highest priority, so #797 will be asked next. In addition to setting new variables, answers to questions can also increment or decrement the values of old variables. Maybe one answer of question #1198 decrements the value of question #797 by 600, making question #921 the highest priority.

So the user answers a question. The answer may set or modify variables. Then the algorithm checks if the timers have a question queued. If not, it checks if the question counts have a question queued. If not, it checks the numerical variables. If none are set, it picks an unanswered question at random.

I want to be able to upload a .csv file with questions, question types, possible answers, and the way that those answers impact question order.

Does that all make sense? Anyone interested?

Edit: Hate new reddit. Had to edit in old reddit to get things formatted correctly.

[hiring] web developer for a website that lets customers book dates off a calendar based on images (and allows me to update said calendar and print appointments booked)

Title is pretty much what i need. I'm starting a storefront where I teach paintings based on the day I offer them. I can provide assets for the website as well but a lot of the work is in infrastructure. During some events I need customers to be able to submit images as well.

EDIT: Im looking for this to be made for around $1000 gave or take on quality and ease of use.

Maximum timeline is one month from now. DM me for details.


Hello world,

I'm trying to create a strict MVP or a proof of concept and was hoping someone could help me.

I am looking for a developer with experience creating Intercom apps. I would like to build an intercom app that intercom users can add to their intercom widget. This will to serve questions in the intercom app to their site's traffic. The answers to these questions would then be passed to an external site that would visualise the answers.

I have wireframes to help explain this better. The front end tasks will be done by someone else.

I'm not too fussed about price as long as it's not too much.

Thank you

Ps. If you have not built an intercom app but are confident you can complete this task mention that in your message please.

[Hiring] (Online) Need someone with experience with JWT (JSON Web tokens)

Need a little bit of help creating JWTs, I know the basics I just need a guide for the harder stuff. More details and budget will be given in PMs.

[For Hire] Freelance Writer offering a wide range of services starting at $0.05 per word.

Hi there r/forhire

I am Arcticanomaly, a freelance writer based in the UK offering services for a wide range of writing focused jobs. If you want high quality, professional content at a low price then look no further. I offer services from as low as $0.05/Word!

You may wonder why I am currently priced so low. Well, though I am a skilled writer with a BA Hons in Creative and Professional Writing I am still just getting started in this freelance world and I need to offer you a fantastic deal to prove I really am worth your money.

If you hire me you will receive timely work at a professional level - no matter your needs.

What great services am I offering? I'm glad you asked.

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Web Content
  • Product Descriptions
  • Speeches
  • Screenwriting (Fiction/Non-Fiction/Advertising)
  • Advertising (Flyers, Posters etc)
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Beta Reading
  • Game Writing (Video Games, Board Games, Tabletop Games - even your D&D Campaign)
  • and everything in between!

You won't regret hiring me!

Please PM me for more information!

[Hiring] (Online) World-class web designer & UX advocate
  • Do you use websites and constantly think "there's a lot better way to do this"?

  • Are you frustrated by websites that are over-designed, leaving usability in the dust?

  • Do you wireframe before moving to high-fidelity designs?

Then we're looking for you!

Koda Digital is looking for an experienced and creative web designer to help us create websites for our clients which increase their leads while still looking great.

We're looking for someone that can provide the following:

  • Stylescape/moodscape

  • Wireframes

  • Content collaboration

  • Full-color designs

  • Easy developer handoff files/structure

You will have our full support with typical user personas and page details/goals.

We find the more interactive and collaborative we can be, the better the result.

While UX and business goals are our top priorities, your final designs should be a cut above most. Bonus points if you can design custom elements specifically designed for our clients, their goals, and their content.

We are expecting compensation from $40-$70/hr.

Next Steps

Please message me if you're interested with your hourly rate, some examples of your best designs (or sketches/process documents!), and something that makes you stand out.

[Hiring] Web Designer to Create Landing Page

Hello, I am looking for a designer to create a landing page. This does not have to be functional but just a design or concept. I am offering $60-150 for this project and for a single page this seems fair. My idea is high school Esports league that gives back to to schools in worse situations. I would love to work with someone through my ideas but it's not too complex. This job will be all online and should be completed within one-two days. I would say the part that will take the longest is figuring out everything needed on the page.

Thank you!

[Hiring] Cloud Engineer - Washington, DC - $100,000-$130,000

Hi All,

Gridiron IT is hiring:

Cloud Engineer - Washington, DC - $100,000-$130,000

Send resume to


  • Research, design, analyze, and configure Cloud-based Enterprise-wide systems and application software
  • Plan for requirements definition, systems development, and deployment of software solutions
  • Evaluate interfaces, operational requirements, and characteristics of the overall system to ensure business requirements are met
  • Provide expertise in the use of Cloud architectures for delivering cloud-based business solutions
  • Provide technical solutions to a wide range of business challenges


  • Education:
    • BS degree in CS/IS or Engineering
  • Required Knowledge/Experience:
    • 5+ years of progressive systems or application engineering experience with 3+ years of experience in a Cloud engineering role
    • Experience with running Internet facing or auto-deployed environments while adhering to service level agreements
    • Experience with graphical user interface and data visualization tools and protocols, including Power BI, HTML 5, CSS 3
    • Experience with PCI/DSS, NIST, FISMA, policies and compliance
    • Experience with working in support for Federal contractors
    • Experience with multiple operating systems
    • Experience with Microsoft Azure, Azure Resource Management templates, Virtual Networks, Storage, Virtual Machines, and Azure Active Directory
    • Experience with Office 365 and SharePoint Online
    • Experience with Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365
    • Experience with MS SQL Server, developing queries, views, and SQL Server Reporting Services reports
    • Knowledge of Web services, protocols, and languages, including RESTful APIs, JavaScript, XML, SOAP, JSON, .NET, and PowerShell
    • Knowledge of distributed authentication and single sign-on authorization protocols, such OAuth 2.0
    • Able to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
    • Well-versed in software engineering principles, frameworks and technologies
    • Strong technical abilities combined with excellent client service interaction skills
    • Self-starter with excellent organizational, administrative and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to follow through with tasks, projects, and troubleshooting with minimal supervision
    • Excellent business communication skills
  • Preferred Knowledge/Experience:
    • Agile Development, Cloud systems, or ITIL related Certifications
    • Microsoft Azure-related Certifications
  • Physical Requirements:
    • N/A
[Hiring] (Frederick, MD) Web Project Manager - onsite/full-time job

Web Project Manager

Seeking candidates to fill a Web Project Manager position for an onsite position in the Frederick, MD area. This is a permanent position with salary and benefits. The salary is expected to be in the 55-70K range.

The Web PM is the liaison between clients and the development team. The PM will coordinate requests, manage projects and ensure client satisfaction at all times. The PM will manage changing priorities while making sure every project gets is delivered on-time and on-budget.

The Web PM is the key client-interface for projects, large and small, and is responsible for ensuring client satisfaction. The PM will work closely with client and internal teams and will need to balance the needs of the two, helping to find creative solutions when problems arise. The PM will also interface with external vendors as needed.

The Web PM leads project from proposal through completion and evaluation with guidance from senior staff and management. This will include managing all records, reports and files related to each project. The PM also provides additional guidance for Operations on tasking instructions, turn-around expectations, billing requirements, and other information, materials or resources needed for the project.

The Web PM’s responsibilities will include an even mix of Client Relations and Project Management and will also involve some assistance with the Sales and Consulting processes.


5 or more years of experience doing web development and/or managing web projects. The PM should have experience and understanding of various ways that businesses use the internet & the different types of websites and their core functionality.

Computer proficiency in Windows or Mac environment with office tools such as Word, Excel, MS Project, SmartSheet, Google Docs, etc.

Flexible, able and willing to adapt to technological advancements. Stays abreast of the changing tech/web landscape.

Comfortable in a fast-paced and diverse environment with a demonstrated ability to effectively manage multiple tasks and priorities simultaneously

Bachelor’s Degree is highly desired.

Additional (Training can be provided in the following skills, but prior experience with any of the following is a plus):

Agile/Scrum experience

Working towards a project management certification such as CAPM or PMP and/or Scrum Master and/or Google Apps Sales Certification. (Training and assistance will be provided to help complete the certification process).

Basic HTML coding and CSS knowledge

Experience with creating/editing in Photoshop and InDesign

Experience developing wireframes

SEO/SEM experience

Experience in RFP response and proposal writing

[Hiring] Illustrator for Web Series Budget is $10 per panel but is negotiable


I'm the writing part of a web series of comics that is based on the news and

the budget for the illustrator is $10 per panel but it is negotiable.

Thank you in advance, some reference pictures would be nice, these are simple web comics not high art level drawings so a reference picture of that level would be good.

[For Hire] SEO Content Writer for B2B SaaS & Online Marketing Brands

Let me guess...

You’re too focused on growing your business, so you don’t have time to for content.

You’re tired of hiring (and firing) writers that don’t get your B2B audience.

You’ve already invested a ton of resources into content, but aren’t seeing any real results

You need a B2B SEO Content Writer.

Wait! What's that?

You see, writing good content is not difficult. First, you do some brand research (read: helps with tone), do some persona research (read: helps with angle) and finally research competitors (read: for strats).

Brand research + Persona Research + Competitor Research = Compelling content that's irresistibly relevant to TA.

And what's wrong with that?

Well, Great content isn't very useful if nobody finds it.

Unfortunately, most "good" writers don't think distribution during production, so you're left with good content without a good distribution strategy.

Cue: SEO guy.

A tech buff who gets the nitty-gritty of SEO, but he doesn't really get your brand (as he hasn't spent time in the research process).

Enter: Seo Content writer

An HQ writer with a knack for SEO that possesses key insight (because they're involved in the onboarding phase) to come up with effective (and rad) content distribution strategies (think: highly effective semantic SEO, email drip & social repurposing).


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is my service?

A. I offer SEO Content writing services, that extends to the following:

  • Brand identity and persona research.
  • Content strategy and roadmap.
  • SEO audit & roadmap.
  • Keyword research and semantic SEO optimization.
  • Extensive competitor analysis.
  • Relevant industry data table (think: statistics and influencer quotes).
  • Customer case studies and interviews.
  • SERP monitoring and tracking.
  • Repurposing content

(based on requirement)

Q. Who is this for?

A. B2B SaaS & online-marketing brands who value their process as much as I value mine.

Q. How does this work?

A. With me, content is more than banging out words on the keyboard. Instead, I follow a specific process:

  1. Zoom Discovery session - to determine client fit, goals, etc
  2. Contract talk - If we're a fit, we talk terms, KPIs and scope of my services/project
  3. Content Strategy - Brand, Persona, Competitor, Niche research to create a rad content strategy
  4. Execution - After ideation, I work towards sleek execution
  5. Measure and control - After execution, I'm proactively checking progress (rank tracking) and adapting accordingly.

Q. How much do I charge?

A. My rates vary based on project, but here are a few numbers to give you an idea:

  • Short-form content (<1k words): USD$200
  • Long-form content (>3k word): USD$600
  • SEO audit & roadmap: Starts at $500 (depending on how extensive your site is)
  • Research: Charged at an hourly of $50

View Complete FAQ


Writing Portfolio:

View complete content portfolio

SEO proof?

  • I've taken my blog from 0 to 10K organic monthly visitors in 90 days (run it by Ahrefs).
  • Here's an SEO audit I'm working on for my client.

View complete pitch


Also, Let’s chat about working together if you have…

☑️ A minimum $600 (monthly) budget

☑️ A minimum 1-month commitment (content isn’t some overnight magic pill)

📧 []( 💻

P.S. I'm currently working for Pointed Copywriting, so I only have a spot open for a single (retainer) client.

[Hiring] (Online) Logo, Web Design and Style Guide. $100+.

I'd like to hire someone to design a dark-themed home page and logo for a website I'm building. I'd also like a page that details the style guide. Include color palette, fonts and uniquely styled elements.

If possible, I'll have a private GitHub repo with a Vue project setup with Bootstrap4. Ideally all deliverables could be provided through this repo with source materials (psd, etc) being provided by email. Screenshots would be acceptable until payment milestones are reached. I'm willing to work with raw html but that would not be preferred.

Ideally I'd like to find one person to work with.


[Hiring] Web Security/SEO/Divi Specialist? Web Programmer? I have no idea - need a monthly service

Here's my issues, and I've been asking everywhere my own hosting provider took 8 days to respond after i upgraded them to manage it for me.

  1. Malware/redirect to spam - needs to be done today
  2. Emails all go to spam - asap
  3. Divi website made consistent, presentable, and fast
  4. On going SEO work
  5. 24/7 maintenance - doesn't mean you have to stare it for 24 hours but just get any issues that come up right away. I'm sick of dealing with it.

$50/month? $100/month? $200/month? Hourly? Just tell me what you need and the first person to make this headache goes away gets the job.

[HIRING] Sales Agent / Lead Generation for selling eCommerce Web Development

An eCommerce development company that specializes on Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento is looking to hire a skilled and experienced Business Development (Sales\Lead generation) Professional.

If you are able to find leads, but don't want to do sales that is OK.

You will need to use emails, linkedIn, ads, content marketing and any other means to attract interested leads.

A lead is someone that is looking to build an eCommerce website, rebuild their current one or add extra functionality

Our ideal client is someone who needs an eCommerce website developed or re-developed.

We work with budgets of 10k+

You will need to have proven experience in this field.

The position is Remote, just requires someone truly skilled.

Pay depends on qualifications and experience, starting with $3,000 - $5,000 + commissions

[HIRING] Web Developer for Wordpress Site

We're redesigning our wordpress site, need someone that know how to develop on wordpress. The new design will have some ecommerce elements to it. I need someone that can do custom development, not templates.

Budget: 1200.00 give or take

PM me some examples of sites you've built if interested.

[Hiring] Web Devloper - Ecommerce site


I am looking to hire a professional and experienced web designer to build my business an ecommerce site in the next few months (for a site launch in around October).

I will require certain specifics for the site and will need some customizations. I would also like the ability to be able to add products / change prices myself with ease.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to apply or know more specifics.

Many thanks!

[HIRING] Freelance Technical Writer (Java/JavaScript/Testing/Web Development) for our blog

We are looking for technical writer for our blog If interested and need further details, kindly contact on [](

You can create tutorials on ANY topic that would be helpful for Developers (Java/ JavaScript/ PHP/ Python/ Web Development) as well as QA Testers.

The article :

Should be unique and written in your own words 
It should not be a direct copy of any online or offline source 
Minimum 1000-1500 words
Image/Infographics should be included as and when required 

You are also welcome to write on topics like Career / Motivation / Productivity / Fitness that will add value to IT people's life.

General structure of article can be

A 1-2 paragraph of introduction 
2-3 bullet points on which you would like to elaborate on the topic summary 

How much can you earn?

There is no limit to how much you can earn. It depends on how many hours you work part-time for us, content quality, and how much work you complete. It also varies on tutorial length, the complexity of the topic, and your experience level. We generally pay $100 to $125 per tutorial (series of minimum 5 articles) based on the above factors.

For reference, you can check our articles on site :

[Hiring] Looking for someone who can sell me a software

Not sure if this can be posted here, but still a gig I'm hiring one-time for

I have a web app platform that needs to be sold.

I'm willing to pay for this at around 10% of the sales

If you can do it or are familiar with selling softwares, please DM me for more info


[Hiring] (Online) Web Developer / Designer

I'm hiring a freelance web dev / designer for consistent, mostly small scale projects like single landing pages. I'm Director of Creative & Strategy for a global marketing agency and we often have needs for landing pages in our marketing campaigns. This person should be very familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Most projects will look something like this:

  • Single landing page with branded design (assets would be provided)
  • Facebook / Google / Gtag / etc. pixels (code would be provided)
  • Might need to fire pixels on a click
  • Might need to utilize URL params, like dynamically populating an exit link based on params
  • Might need to incorporate a countdown timer or email sign up form or other js elements on the page
  • Need to be responsive for both desktop and mobile
  • Possible localization (translations would be provided)

This person should be a good designer as well. A lot of these projects will require turning a mockup into functional design. Some of these projects will require this person to create an entire design just based on some direction and available assets.

Probably most important, this person must be able to work quickly. Often times we need landing pages turned around in 1-2 days.

Delivery would just be the HTML/CSS/JS/etc. files. We don't need any help with hosting, just the development and design.

Our budget range is $15 - $30 /hr, but also open to per-project flat rates.

Please PM me (not chat) with links to previous work and your hourly or project rates.


edit: added a little more detail to sample projects

[Hiring] Web Designer/Developer Wordpress Help

Hi there, looking for someone to help me with some responsiveness issues and widget aligning/sizing on my Wordpress site. Job requires experience using Elementor Pro plugin, Wordpress and coding.

I'm willing to pay through Venmo or Paypal. We can use Skype to communicate and Teamviewer to help on the website.

Please send me a message with your qualifications and I'll message you back shortly. Also might need a web designer/developer to help regularly so let me know if interested in that as well.

[Hiring] C++/Python Developer - Arlington/Fairfax, VA - 140/150K - Relocation - Active TS/SCI clearance needed

I am looking for a solid developer for an exclusive DOD client in Arlington and Fairfax, VA. I work directly with the hiring manager and I will be able to get qualified individuals interviews within 24/48 hours. Take a look at the job description below:

Our computer vision team partners with premier government R&D agencies such as DARPA, IARPA, AFRL, ONR, and NRL; branches of the US military; and multiple members of the intelligence community on a range of efforts including major prime contracts and small business awards. In addition, we provide commercial services to companies ranging from tiny startups to Fortune 500 internet companies. We employ an open source business model to foster extended, collaborative communities, and to provide flexible, high-quality technical solutions. If you’ve used CMake, ITK, or VTK, you know just a small portion of our work and the impact it has on the communities we help build. 


  • Active TS/SCI clearance. *Required*
  • Knowledge of the software development life cycle.
  • 2+ years of software development experience.
  • Familiarity with software development tools on Windows, Linux, or Mac systems.
  • BS in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, systems engineering, physics, mathematics, or a related field.
  • Required skills can be gained concurrent with education, and skills will be measured through passage of a technical screen.
  • Due to contractual requirements, this position requires US Citizenship.


  • Experience using Github or Gitlab for code reviews, documentation, and release management.
  • Ability to learn core Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as EC2, EBS volumes, S3, and CloudWatch.
  • Ability to learn DevOps tools such as Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, and Packer.
  • Interest and experience in open source software development.
[HIRING] (Online) Web Developer

I'm looking for a generalist web developer. I have small jobs that require general web development skills with quick turnaround. I've tried Upwork, Fiverr, etc. and everything I got was terrible.

A current need I have is a web survey with radio button questions on Amazon Mechanical Turk layouts.Documentation here:

I need to hire someone for this today. Please send me your hourly rate and we'll discuss the details of this particular ask. If we're a good fit, I'll have more in the future.

[For Hire] Need an awesome app or website? Passionate software developer with +5 years of experience.

Need an awesome app or website?


I'm a passionate software developer with +5 years of experience developing software. I focus on delivering awesome mobile/web applications and server-side solutions.

Are you looking for......

- A good looking website / app that is clean and simple to use?

- Custom server side software (REST, Databases, Machine learning, etc...)?

- Someone to connect your application with 3rd party APIs / content management systems?

Then look no further : )

I have worked for several software companies and individual clients. My price and working hours are negotiable and I can create a demo application for free (if you are interested in hiring me).

I want to make sure that you stay happy with the product by offering maintenance and updates for cheap.


  • Web- and mobile development
  • Cloud services
  • UX Design
  • Integrations
  • Maintenance
  • Digital marketing
  • Consulting


Message me in Reddit

Email: [](

(Want to know more about me? send me a message and I will send you my CV)

Thanks for hiring me!

Rate: $17 per hour (for now)

[Hiring][Remote] Natural Resources Defense Council is hiring a front end web developer


The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is the nation's most effective environmental action organization. We use law, science and the support of 3.1 million members and online activists to protect the planet's wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all living things. NRDC was founded in 1970 and our staff helped write some of America's bedrock environmental laws, including the Clean Water Act, and many of the implementing regulations; our water enforcement cases played a major role shaping current water policy throughout the country. Today, our staff of more than 500 lawyers, scientists, economists, policy and communications experts, and others, work out of offices in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bozeman, Montana, and Beijing.

Position Summary

We are seeking a creative and experienced individual to join the NRDC Digital Technology Team and help build websites, web applications, and hybrid mobile apps for both NRDC and its 501(c)(4) affiliate, the NRDC Action Fund. The position reports to the Digital Technology Director and will be located in New York, but we will consider another U.S. location.

You should possess a strong technical knowledge of front end systems, working with APIs, and JavaScript programing. Responsibilities include but are not limited to implementation, testing, reporting, documentation, deployment and debugging code.

We're looking for a professional who has proven front end web development experience building websites from the ground up with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Experience working with Rest APIs or GraphQL is a must. Examples of completed themes for Drupal, WordPress, or similar systems is a plus. We value strong interpersonal skills, empathy for others, the ability to work strongly in a team, a desire to help the mission of NRDC and a knack for describing technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.


  • Build websites using Drupal, WordPress, Gatsby, and other possible CMS or Static Site Generators.
  • Build working static prototypes from Invision wireframes using the Bootstrap framework or similar and the NRDC design system.
  • Administer bug fixes and features to front end code across NRDC web properties.
  • Provide input on the best coding techniques or technology enhancements that can make our workflow and output more efficient.
  • Oversee code reviews of vendor work for standards compliance and efficiency of front end work.



  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in front-end development.
  • Strong understanding of the web design and development process.
  • Strong experience managing multiple web projects at one time and meeting deadlines consistently.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to produce quality code but also an understanding that perfection is the enemy of progress.
  • Detail-oriented and organized.
  • Experience working within waterfall and/or agile project management.
  • Ability to meet deadlines, handle and prioritize multiple simultaneous requests, manage laterally and upwards, all with a professional and courteous attitude.
  • Ability to identify and implement process and policy improvements.
  • Experience developing Mobile first Responsive UI design.
  • Experience with Bootstrap framework, SCSS and mix-ins.
  • Experience with Gulp and/or Webpack.
  • Working knowledge of RESTful web services and using APIs to create custom web applications.
  • Experience developing for modern web browsers and devices.
  • Comfortable working in a small, collaborative team environment, as well as external vendors.
  • Exhibit passion, creativity and commitment.

Desired Experience

Priority will be given to candidates with a combination of some of the following expertise:

  • Expert knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • Understanding of PHP in CMS like WordPress and Drupal
  • Experience with Angular, Vue, React, Node or similar JavaScript framework
  • Experience with SQL and ability to run queries, administer with Sequel Pro or similar application.
  • Experience working with Action Kit or similar platform.
  • Agency or non-profit experience preferred.
  • Familiarity with Scrum.


  • US-only
[Hiring] Mature company seeking remote web designer

We're a 7-year old S.F. based recruiting company that focuses on hiring Sales people for start-ups. We've been developing an in-house CRM and ATS system and are looking for some design help to improve our product and assist our current 4-person development team. Most likely a contract-to-hire situation depending on experience.

We're looking for the following qualities:

1) Experience creating Responsive wire-frames for SPAs quickly using your tooling of choice 
2) Ability to derive inspiration and ideas from competing products, peers, nature, dribbble, etc.
3) Competitive nature and desire for career growth. You like to show off your work because your work is good. 
4) Ability to work within existing systems, we won't be redesigning everything from scratch.

Working with us will have the following benefits:

1) Money
2) You'll have a fully technical point-of-contact who understands your work  
3) An environment which promotes and budgets for experimentation and prototyping 
4) Our company has a moral monetization model (IMO)
5) Learn a lot about the recruiting process, tech hiring practices, and prominent software sales processes 


Depends entirely on your output. Above the $15/hr minimum in the subreddit rules. Initial project structure will be small commission, small commission, medium-sized commission, as we build trust, which should allow all parties to negotiate fairly.


1) Contact me over Reddit DM and tell me a little about yourself and your past work
2) Follow-up from my work email continuing the conversation
3) Small trial project (paid) 
4) More projects (also paid)


You can contact me via reddit PM with your preferred contact email and a short background (I'd prefer not to have my email publicly scraped). I'll follow-up shortly with my work email. This is my personal reddit account


This is my first time posting in this subreddit so please let me know if I should include additional information or if I'm accidentally violating any rules with this post :) .

[Hiring] Web Development + SEO (Project Rate)

New project requires a Developer and a SEO Specialist. Website will be built in Wordpress and SEO will be a 6-12 month contract.

Website will need ability to have accounts created, take payments, and will need monthly support for the next 3 months.

SEO is based upon services that can be provided.

Website Budget : $3,500 w/ $250 Support SEO Budget : $2,000 / mo

Please send -

Name : Email : Website :

[For Hire] Full Stack Engineer with 11+ years of experience | Django, React, Postgresql, Docker

Hello, my name is Luis Herrada. I’m a Full Stack Engineer with 11+ years of experience and I’m focused on web applications. I've developed full products for brands like Santander, Sealed Air, Comex (PPG), among others.

Relevant links:

How I can help you?

  • Designing and developing your new web or mobile application from zero
  • Adding new features on your existing project
  • Fixing problems or reducing technical debt on your existing project
  • Give you technical advice on your project or idea

Why should you hire me instead of someone else?

  • I have plenty of experience developing new products from zero and making them run smoothly under heavy traffic
  • I'm easy to work with. I focus on listening on what you really need and only after I'll suggest solutions
  • I'll guide you through an easy-to-follow process to make sure what we're building is what you need.
  • I have a sense for design and business, so you're not only hiring a developer but a generalist who happens to be a pretty good software engineer
  • I'm aware there are people with a lower hourly rate but working with me means de-risking your project. I assure you'll get great results.

What's my tech stack?

  • My main stack consists of Django, Celery, React or Vue, Postgresql, Redis, Nginx, Docker, and Ubuntu server.
  • For mobile applications, I use React Native. The backend will probably be done using Django.

What's my rate?

  • 90 USD/hour

Am I also open to full-time opportunities?

  • Yes

If that makes sense for you and want to talk, PM me with a brief description about what you want to build and I'll get back to you soon :) You can also find my email address on my website.

Thanks for reading!


[For Hire] Looking for a web developer who can build a website similar to urban dictionary

Edit: I'm Hiring. Can't seem to edit the title(Also, not a total dumbass)

I'm looking for a web developer who can build a website similar to urban dictionary. I'm building a local dictionary for use within our company, so I do not care too much about aesthetics. I just need 4 functions :

  1. have a database where me and my coworkers can add words
  2. search function on website with suggestions
  3. have upvote/downvote feature
  4. Documentation so that we can tweak it later

Send me a PM with previous work and your rate.