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[HIRING] Looking for a dev fluent in node, python, or java for a Nike Account Generator with key/authentication bot.

Need somebody for the job. Please send portfolio to either my discord or skype which will be below. Need finished in a reasonable amount of time and looking to pay in royalties with a completion fee. Program will generator accounts on using a SMS provider API to verify the phone number on each account. If you can make the account with generates activity that would be an add on. Will need it be able to connect with a authentication system/licensing system to rent it out and sell lifetimes. Will be an appropriate LLC with strongly enforced royalties. We will also have a PR and marketing team in the community.

[HIRING] Looking for dev familiar with raffles bot and maximizing raffle entries through hundreds of websites.

Looking for a developer who can code a bot program that can be used for raffles on sneakers. Looking to pay with PayPal and royalties. Not looking to go broke on this. All websites usually have all of the same information. I have a list if it can be done in a few days.

[Hiring] Bot Developer to Automate Game Tasks

Looking for someone to create a bot to automate tasks on a MUD game. The UI on this game is static (events ie; buffs, attacks etc are all sent to the clients chat.)

It would have to do things such as using potions in the inventory, recasting in-game spell macros, attacking monsters, buffing itself etc.

Willing to pay like $20-$30 an hour, negotiable.

Please include the phrase 'bot' in your reply so I know you aren't spamming responses.

[Hiring] Sell Software - Instagram Bot

I built an Instagram bot that works like a charm. We personally are using the bot since last one year and helped us grow our account organically. I am looking for people who are willing to sell the bot.

Every successful sale i will pay you 50$. You can setup a website or create awesome content and rebrand it if you want and i do not mind . The software costs 150$ and i will take care of setup, installation and support.

PM me if you are interested i can share more details. People with prior experience with Instagram marketing please mention it explicitly in your texts.

[Hiring] I need a freelance programmer to program a bot for automatically sending offers to realtors on

There is no captcha. Ask me for any necessary details. For this to be programmed in python in straightforward fashion (no stuff like defining classes or functions) would be preferable so I can edit it as I have minimal but some experience with python -- but this is not a necessary requirement. I'd pay a dollar a line, but I want this as succinct as possible, so how about a straight $20, negotiable.

[HIRING] Code a Depop Follow Bot - Looking for a long-term partner

Hey, im looking for someone to help me build this bot and its UI.

The bot should be able to:
Follow new users (from another users followers or following list) between a set time delay
Unfollow all current following + an ignore list so you can stay following some profiles
If you want to come back to a user, a "continue follow list" option so that it doesnt start right back from the top

After following a user, like some of their pictures
Like pictures from a specific hashtag
Refresh items which you have posted

Im also currently building a simple website to go with the bot. The bot can be web based within the website, or can be a separate program which has to be downloaded. I also need to have a license system, so only people who buy the bot can access the program.

My budget is up to £200. This likely isnt going to be a one time project, and after we begin working together Ill need you for updates etc and we can talk hourly rates or how ever youd like to get paid! :) Im not just looking for a coder, im looking for a partner - someone who can put their input in

The image is attached is just a general idea, and is not my bot

Thank you, any questions please ask

[Hiring] Building a Depop follow bot

Hey, im looking for someone to help me build this bot and its UI.

The bot should be able to:
Follow new users (from another users followers or following list) between a set time delay
Unfollow all current following + an ignore lost so you can stay following some profiles
After following a user, like some of their pictures
Like pictures from a specific hashtag
Refresh items which you have posted

Ive asked my friends and apparently this bot is quite simple to do, and i know people have built this for around £80 in the past, so my budget is up to £200

Im also currently building a simple website to go with the bot. The bot can be web based within the website, or can be a separate program which has to be downloaded. I also need to have a license system, so only people who buy the bot can access the program.

The image is attached is just a general idea, and is not my bot

Thank you, any questions please ask

[Hiring] Discord Bot Maker

Hi friends!

I'm looking for someone to make me a discord bot - that would do a few things for me (yes there are a few bots which do some of the features I require already, but as I'm creating a brand would like a unique bot)

  1. Level up system based on activity in discord
  2. Interactive / Periodic messaging (based on activity on discord) which pops up interactive messages on discord which allows people who "react" on the message to receive a pay-out of discord currency / experience to level.
  3. Shop where people can spend the discord currency on a list of items.

I'm drawing inspiration from the amazing "Green Dumpling" on twitch and his discord - definitely go check him out for an amazing hoe-some community!

I can pay you per hour for your time or a fixed rate. If you have additional options or ideas you would like to implement will be open to suggestions.

Up to £100 depending on quantity / quality of work.

[HIRING] Developer familiar with Twitter’s API to develop me a bot

I am looking for a developer to create me a little bit/script that will automatically tweet a link in a set template tweet with a click of a button. An example would be I would want the bot to tweet

“Check this link out:

Link: ______________

Other information”

And what I would have to do is just change the link in the bot and click tweet and it would work like that. There are other small components to this but we can discuss them when talking about it. This is fairly a very simple project and therefore my ballpark is $50-100.

Looking to get this done as soon as possible. Please let me know if you can help! Thank you!

[Meta] I was told my rate was “obnoxiously low”

I charged a £10 base fee and £5 an hour ($13 and $6.50 an hour) Apparently the minimum I can charge is $15 an hour which makes no sense to me. I could potentially understand if it was for people who are hiring, but I made a For Hire post... Surely I should be able to charge whatever I want for my own services... I was charging £5 an hour for custom discord/twitch/Reddit bots which do not require a massive amount of skill or time to know how to do, you could create a (very very simple) bot with a bit of research in maybe 3 hours if you had no experience what so ever. and I feel like this minimum is ridiculous, like I said I could understand if it was for people looking to hire someone, but the fact that there’s a minimum to charge for your services makes no sense to me.

[HIRING] Build a Telegram or Discord Bot for an Instagram Engagement Group

I want to hire someone to create a Telegram or Discord (whatever is easier for you) bot for an Instagram Engagement Group. Budget is flexible, ballpark range $250-$600.

What the bot(s) do is explained from start to finish in this video:

I need someone to create a replica of those bots for a personal project I'm working on.Message me if interested. Thanks!

[Hiring] (Online) Developer to create a Discord bot (JavaScript / Python)

I am looking for someone to create a Discord bot to facilitate the hosting of inhouse matches for League of Legends. You do not need to be familiar with the game, though it would be preferable if you had a rough idea of how matchmaking systems work (MMR/elo).

I have a clear understanding of what I want and exact specifications / references. I have experience in development (C/C++) but don't have the time or patience to make this myself currently. I am willing to compensate you fairly for your work.

Let's talk. My Discord is elytr#0001.

[Hiring] Docker/Kubernetes Expert

Hi there,

I'm looking for someone to help with designing the infrastructure for a scalable Discord bot. I already have a skilled developer working to create the bot, but I'm looking to ensure the bot is globally accessible. My vision of this bot is to ensure that it's able to be connected to multiple Discord servers across numerous regions and be able to respond with minimal latency and be able to automatically scale as demand requires. Additionally (and this may require the hiring of someone else with expertise in this area), I'd also like to ensure that the database the bot communicates with is designed similarly. That is, it's able to execute queries in near real-time and respond back to the bot immediately so the bot is able to continue working properly. The database structure is also something we would take into consideration when designing this bot. I'd be happy to explain the project in more detail to anyone willing to help. It's possible that Kubernetes may not be the best implementation for this bot, but that's why I'd ultimately like to discuss it with someone who has more exposure to the technologies and might experience with similar use-cases. I'm willing to pay anywhere from $20-$75/hour.

[Hiring] Build Instagram Automation Bot + Basic Platform


I would like to hire a person to build an Instagram automation bot. I need the following:

• Signup/login - allow users to make accounts, recover password etc.

• Allow user to connect Instagram account

• Allow user to target their Instagram bot, for example: follow/unfollow targeted people (target by locations, keywords). Bot should also like 1/2 photos for each user.

• Allow user to target who to follow based on other accounts, e.g. follow followers for @upwork Instagram account (for competitor targeting)

• Bot should be safe - not get banned

• Display some information in a dashboard > number of followers, followers gained today, followers gained this week

• Add Stripe billing - charge for 2 plans - one plan allows 1 Instagram account, second plan allows up to 3 Instagram accounts.


No design needed. I will create a design but for now we can just use plain HTML to test the concept.

Feel free to use any existing repos to get a head start.


Rate negotiable ($400-$1k+)

If you have experience building safe, scalable bots, please get in touch. Looking to begin ASAP

[Hiring] Build me a bot for camelcamelcamel. Can pay in Apple Pay, BCH, BTC, Circle, Google Pay, ETH, LTC, Paypal, Prepaid Debit Cards (American Express, Master Card, Visa), Skrill, Square, Uphold, or Venmo

I need a both that can add price watched to camelcamelcamel by giving it a list of ASINs. It must add the price watch to (I need it to be able to add price watches on specific sites, so it might be easiest to build one bot per site)

If the bot wasn’t able to add a price watch for a particular site I would like to to tell me which ones weren’t added and on which sites. I would like the Desired Price set at $.01 below the Current Price. Also, I’m on a Mac, so the bot will have to be Mac compatible.

I don’t have any rep here, but here are my GCX Rep profiles with 932 trades worth more than $60,000:

[Hiring] (Online) Programmer needed to create bot for older MMO game. (15/hr+, name your price)

As the title suggest, I am looking for a programmer for hire. The game in question is called Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst. The PC client was released in 2004, and now runs on private servers. I believe it runs GameGuard, all it's assets are old. It has keyboard functionality, but controller is preferred. I'm unsure how that would affect the development of a bot.

The idea of the bot is to load into the game, create it's own lobby, launch a specific quest, perform set non-changing actions (there is no variance to the quest), loot items & currency, then repeat this process. A timed human run of this procedure takes around 3 - 5 minutes.

I am unsure of what language the game is coded in, but I would assume it is C++, or C#. Would probably require knowledge of these languages, but it can be done in whatever language works best (or whatever the person for hire suggests.).

You may contact me through PM and we can discuss it further.

Thank you for your time and reading. Payment will be either hourly, or a full fee, decided upon your requirements and terms.

Budget is around 250 - 400$, but of course can be discussed.

[Hiring] (Online) Looking for script/bot to automate functions for flash-based browser game

So this is my third time posting this here. The last time, I had some productive leads, but everybody eventually hit some sort of technical roadblock. If you're interested, I'd be happy to share with you where they got stuck and some of the potential workarounds that were proposed:

I'm looking to hire someone to automate something in a game I play via my Macbook (in browser via Flash, but something that works for the HTML5 version of the game as well would be ideal). Basically, I want it to be able to scan ingame message threads, and when something specific is posted, to be able to automatically reply (very, very quickly) with a certain response. I want to be able to turn this on and off at will, so I'm not automatically replying when I'm not at my computer. I also want the ability to be able to curate this list of "action phrases", adding and removing from it over time.

Please private message me if this is something you're capable of doing, so we can discuss price (was thinking in ballpark of $40-50/hour)/timeframe.


[Hiring] Wanted: great (white hat) scraper/bot writers to open up company data

OpenCorporates is growing, and looking for more great bot and scraper coders – to help fulfill its mission to open up the world's official public information on companies. This is of vital importance today – giving visibility to hundreds of thousands of users around the world; tomorrow, with an explosion in the number, speed and complexity of companies, it will be essential for fair and free societies.

We write, run and maintain hundreds of scrapers and bots – bots that integrate with APIs, that download open data dumps. Bots that make sense of messy data and put it into our standardised schema, working with our expert Data Analysts.

We're particularly looking for highly talented bot writers who both understand how to extract data from legacy, messy or plain broken public websites, AND who want to work to help achieve our critical public-benefit mission.

What you'll be doing

  • Support & expand our data pipeline. You'll write bots to source publicly available data (scraping websites, consuming data published via APIs or CSV, or extracting data from PDFs) in order to create new data feeds, and also help solve problems with our existing feeds
  • Maintain high data quality. You'll compare datasets to their source to verify that the information is complete and error-free. You'll also suggest ways to make our processes more efficient.

Above all we are looking for smart people who we think will fit in well.

This is a full-time position, either in Shoreditch, London, UK, or remote, although we would consider part-time positions for the right applicant. Unfortunately we are unable to offer visa/relocation help for now. Strictly no recruitment agencies.

Salary range:  £38k-£55k

Visit our Jobs Page to find out more.

[Hiring] developer to build out a web scraper (contract)


We are interested in hiring someone for a one time gig that requires you to build a bot/web scrape to scrape certain information.

Please contact for more details.