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[HIRING] Someone who knows PHP - Small Job $5 PayPal

I need someone who can modify a PHP file. I am adding text to the footer of my website. And would that text to be split over 3 lines.

Here's the code:

<div class="container main-footer-sub">

<div class="st-flex space-between">

<div class="left mt20">

<div class="f14"><?php echo sprintf( esc_html__( 'Travel & Tour Licence Number: 32/01122. <br> 125/30 Moo7, Phi Phi Island, Krabi Thailand. <br> Copyright © 2015-%s by', ST_TEXTDOMAIN ), date( 'Y' ) ); ?> <a

href="<?php echo esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ) ?>"

class="st-link"><?php bloginfo( 'name' ) ?></a></div>




If anyone can fix it for me - theres $5 PayPal in it for you. - I need the breaks to be where the <br> tags are at the moment. Let me know and I can email you over the file.

[For Hire] Senior Backend Developer

[For Hire] Senior Backend Developer

Looking for a new contract as a remote software engineer. Experience working on enterprise level applications and services that scale. Open source contributions available on github and stackoverflow. Expert in PHP, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Bash, Linux with over 15 years experience. Excellent references and experience with:

* Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony, Zend Framework, Codeigniter, WordPress

* Scripting in Bash, Python, PHP

* MySQL, optimizing configurations, normalization, migrations

* Elasticsearch, advanced queries, mapping, performance

* Rabbitmq, Beanstalk, Gearman, Supervisor

* Building APIs, 3rd party API integrations; rapidapi, dyn, campaigner, maxmind

* Data mining, web scraping

* Test driven development, codeception, phpunit

* Modernizing Legacy Applications

* Optimizing applications for performance, profiling bottlenecks, blackfire

* Security reviews and improvements, resolving csrf and xss

* Apps with load balancing and caching contexts; haproxy, varnish, nginx

* Video transcoding; ffmpeg

* Version control; Git, SVN

* Managing existing developers teams and building new teams

* Architecting major features and rewrites

* Technical documentation

* Linux Infrastructures; CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora

* Virtual Machines: VirtualBox, Vagrant, Homestead, Valet

* Docker containers

* DNS, nameservers, dnsmasq, bind

Rate: €600 / $680 daily.

[HIRING] Edit PHP scripts so website functions all share same tables - $30/hr

I have a website with three utilities in it for company use. Project Management, Inventory and HR PHP scripts. They, along with the core Wordpress site, have login pages with separate user tables, separate tables for “items” “employees” “projects” and “companies”, calendars, and messages.

I want them all to share the same table for items, a table for employees, a table for projects, etc.

These scripts and Wordpress site are all on the same account in the same dedicated server on the same domain and with the same database just different tables.

I wish to take away the login pages except for the Wordpress one and all scripts share a user table so only one authentication is needed.

I want all scripts to pull from same table for projects, items, employees, tasks and companies.

I want all calendars to be synced to the same public google calendar.

My initial offer for payment is negotiable as I don’t know how much this would cost.

[Hiring] Need code (php?) written to interface with stubhub API and list/modify tickets - Phoenix AZ

I have a mysql database with tickets/events and I need to use the stubhub API to list and constantly modify/add/delete listings based on data from my mysql database.

Not sure of cost...? $250? If someone knows what theyre doing it shouldnt take too terribly long.

Im in phoenix if you want to meet in person, although dont think thatd be 100% necessary

I'm an advanced beginner in php and all the code i currently use for this project is written by me in php, so i'd like to have this done in php simply because itd be easier for me to fix if something changes/goes wrong later i could make changes if need be.

If this works out I need a similar one done for another site (vivid seats)

Can just send me a PM on here to start with....send me info about your experience, etc.


[HIRING] Part-Time React Native Programmer for iOS/Android (Position Is Remote &amp; 1099)

[HIRING] Part-Time React Native Programmer for iOS/Android (Position Is Remote & 1099)

Hey there,

We're looking to grow our team at, and bring on an additional React Native Programmer that can help us build some beautifully designed mobile + tablet applications for some of our incredible clients across the globe!

This position is available as a 1099 contractor, will be part-time hours (you can make your own hours!), and can be remote-based (we're not located in any one specific location). However, all candidates must be a US-based citizen.

For more information about the available position, please continue reading below!


1) You will meet with your assigned clients and project manager at Chop Dawg on a weekly and/or bi-weekly basis during a scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday call

2) You will meet deliverable deadlines (agreed upon by both parties) for the projects you are assigned to

3) You will communicate with our incredible team at Chop Dawg and your assigned clients within a timely manner, and conduct yourself professionally yet not be afraid to be yourself and show personality (we want you to have fun and be yourself with us!)

4) You will follow's award-winning project methodologies for producing results on behalf of our clients

5) You will be detailed, diligent, and courteous in your programming for scalability once a project has been completed by you. You have the ability to support the team when questions and clarity are needed

6) You will be able to work with other React Native, and backend programmers on your project; working in unison on many projects.

7) You will be able to work with the designer(s) of your project, receiving critical feedback and advice when it comes to what you’re creating to ensure it matches the client (and designer) expectations

8) You will be able to work with your project manager, and help keep the project organized, on schedule, and at the highest quality possible


1) Must be proficient with programming in React Native and have experience building (and deploying) iPhone, Android, and tablet-based applications in the past; please share some examples of launched apps when you reach out to us!
2) Must be proficient in being able to program completed high fidelity mockup designs, and having them match flawlessly on an iPhone, Android, and/or tablet-based device. Please share some examples of apps you programmed following mockup designs when you reach out to us!

3) Must have had experience working with team members and clients remotely in the past
4) Must have availability to communicate during the week at regular business hours (although we are a remote operation, we run in Eastern Standard Time from 9 AM until 7 PM on business days) and ability to begin working within the next few weeks
5) Must be a team player and ability to accept feedback when it comes to your programming from our clients, designers, and project managers
6) Must be proficient with InVision, Google Drive, Asana, GitHub, and Slack

7) Bonus but not necessary for this available position: You have Full Stack experience, specifically when programming in PHP with MySQL Databases
8) Most importantly, must love what they do and be excited to help our clients bring their dreams to life


You'll be offered on multiple occasions different applications to work on that you can agree to accept. Each client provides a different budget and timeline. If accepted, you'll be compensated at a set-rate per milestone payment schedule to be agreed upon between our company and you. Compensation can range from $2,500 to $5,000, per month and per project, depending on the project and deliverable schedule. Most of our existing React Native Programmers work on between 1-2 projects at once, once they become comfortable with our company methodologies and process.


Since 2009, we've created 250+ digital products — from mobile & web apps to blockchain & artificial intelligence technologies for startups, Fortune 500s, growing businesses, & non-profits around the globe. Think of us not as your agency but as your technical partner.

What does it mean for Chop Dawg to be your technical partner? Think of it as the difference between us sitting next to you at the table vs. across. It’s our job as a technical partner to guide clients towards the best technology match possible that works best for them in the long term.

You can learn more about Chop Dawg by visiting


Please send your portfolio and/or resume to our COO Josh Winkles at

[For Hire] Backend Developer / PHP / MySQL &amp; Postgresql / Python

If you need a website or application built, this is my expertise. As a software engineer for over 10 years, learning technology and building beautiful, up-to-date websites and applications that meet both best-practice and customer standards is where I strive. I've dug deep into the roots of various applications like Streaming Services, Point of Sale Services, and Blogging / Content Creation platforms. My process is well documented and allows me to complete projects accurately and to the satisfaction of all customers.

Not only do I strive for excellence in the code I produce, I routinely audit the security of the code I've written and integrated with and patch any holes that arise in order to ensure the best security I can offer to my customers!

If you've ever wanted your dream website built, let's chat about it!

Hourly Rate: $75/hour, negotiable on a per-project basis variable to the scope and work required.

I'm currently available for hire, remote-only work on a contract basis. My minimum commitment is 4 hours and will bill in 4-hour intervals unless agreed upon otherwise. Please contact me via private message here to receive my information, otherwise, check out my blog to find out more about me:

[For Hire] Software Engineer with Experience

I specialise in API development, web scraping and security. Do you have a website (no matter how big or smaller) that you want scraped? I'm your guy.

These are my specialties, I can do a lot more than just that, I'm a full stack software engineer.

I have 4 years of Python coding experience. I know Golang, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML and CSS (Yes, I know, these are markup languages). I have a degree in BSc Computer Science, tight deadlines and a high learning curve is nothing new to me. I'm always looking to expand on my skillset.

I can retrieve information from any API with a scraper, you want it? I'll do it.

Have a sketchy project? That's fine, I don't need to know your identity.

I'm familiar with a number of databases (SQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, mongo).

I'm very knowledgeable with Docker and distributed computing (Yes, I can scrape any site, even large ones, distributed computing is fun).

You don't need to make payment up front, so there's no risk of getting scammed. My rate is $20/hour, depending on your project, we could negotiate a lower rate, or a fixed rate.

I'm looking to make some extra income on the side, so contact me if you have a project or idea so we can figure out how to do this thing!

Have you read this and decided not to hire me based on something you see, or don't see? Let me know with a comment or DM, I'd really like to improve on presenting myself. Any feedback is good feedback.

[For Hire] WordPress &amp; PHP Developer - $30/hr

Hey folks, how is it going?

I'm a web developer with 5 years experience. I'm looking WordPress and PHP work. I'm good at WordPress and I can build you a wonderful WordPress Websites with Custom Themes and Plugins.

I am also interested in WordPress maintenance and tweaking tasks. Looking for long term work.

Feel free to ask any questions. Hit me up if you have something for me.

[For Hire] HTML, CSS, JS/jQuery, React, and PHP Software Developer.

Yo, I'm Tox, and I'm a full-stack software developer.

Shadowkeep for D2 is out in a couple days; willing to work in order to afford it.

Check out my Gitlab profile and repositories to get a better glimpse at what I've done previously.

My timezone is PST, though I'll work whatever hours in any timezone that you request of me.

My rate is set at $15/hr, though I'm more than willing to negotiate with you.

[Hiring] Configure Email piping to a php program [$25]

Need to configure Cyberpanel and Perfex to allow emails to be piped to pipe.php so I can import emails as tickets. If you think you can do this quickly, PM me. Thanks.

[For Hire] Full Stack PHP/JS Developer with experience in Laravel, Vue and WordPress

Howdy, nice to meet you!

I'm Jack, a freelance web developer from Nottingham, UK with 10+ years experience both freelance and within web development agencies. I've recently moved to full time freelancing and I'm currently looking for more awesome people to work with.

I am predominantly a PHP and JavaScript Developer who can scope, plan and write bespoke solutions for your websites needs. I've had experience with websites from small brochure sites to complete systems designed to run national companies and manage their infrastructure.

What do I do?

  • Bespoke websites and/or APIs using Laravel
  • Hand-crafted websites using Craft/WordPress
  • Single Page Applications using Nuxt.js/Vue.js
  • Commerce with Craft Commerce, WooCommerce or Shopify
  • Integration of external APIs, Services, CRMs or Payment Gateways
  • Bespoke WordPress Plugins


PHP, Tailwind CSS, Sass, Vue, ES6 JavaScript, Nuxt, Laravel, WordPress, Craft 3 CMS, Craft 3 Commerce, Shopify, SQL, jQuery.


I've been freelancing since 2009 on the side and my last role was as a Lead Web Developer within an agency working with global clients.


Typically I charge £30/$40 per hour, but most projects are billed on a per-project/daily basis and would be worked out based on your unique requirements.


If you are interested feel free to message me on here or via my website.


[Hiring] Help me configure Cyberpanel with my PHP CRM (Pefex) [$100]

I have cyberpanel installed, along with the CRM panel on Ubuntu 18 stable.

I am having a problem setting up SMTP, imap and piping email to php (pipe.php)

If anyone has experience with PHP and Cyberpanel, please let me know ASAP.

$100 paypal. Teamviewer required.

[For Hire] [EU] [Remote] PHP Software Engineer with 10 years of experience, as well as significant DevOps (AWS, Terraform, Packer, etc)


My CV may be found here

Outline of experience

  • Significant experience with PHP, reasonable Symfony 2 / 4 experience.
  • Most companies I've worked for have saved more in AWS hosting costs through my work than they've paid in salary.
  • Strong management experience (at team lead, head of tech and C-level).
  • Strong project management experience (with Scrum / KanBan).
  • Very strong customer support experience, both B2C and B2B. If you aren't talking to your customers, you're doing it wrong.

My interests

I would be most interested in finding a DevSecOps role where I could grow comfortable with containerisation / Kubernetes. I've dabbled in it before but never in any production environments and it would be nice to transition from traditional VMs to containers in my next role.

I would also be interested in taking up a project management role or a team lead role.

Salary expectations

£47,500 or $65,000 per annum


I'm available to interview immediately and I can start next week. I've finished my previous contract and I'm looking to return to full time employment.

[HIRING] Front End Developer HTML/Javascript (JQuery)/SASS/Vue.js

Hello! We're currently looking for a Front End Developer to join our team to support our existing developers in working on

The position's pay will be the preferred market rate of the suitable developer. Our rates vary depending on the market rate of each developer but we generally pay at least 20USD/hr+

If you feel that your skills fit what we are looking for, feel free to email []( with your portfolio, resume, preferred rates, and any other pertinent information.

Here are the skills we're looking for:

  • Javascript (JQuery)
  • SASS
  • Vue.js
  • UI/User experience design
  • Ability to work from Photoshop mockups
  • Bonus: PHP (Laravel framework)/MySQL
  • Bonus: Experience/understanding of the Pet/Avatar browser game niche

Experience with the back end requirements would be a big bonus as you'll be working closely with our Full Stack Developer on the project. We'll be doing the bulk of communication in Discord, so an account to add you with is required.

Note: Although we’d like to personally reply to every applicant, we will likely not be able to keep up with the volume of applications in order to do so. You will receive an email from us if we are interested in hiring you for a position on our team, or if we have any follow-up questions for you about your work. Thank you for reading!


hey i need a small script that makes a API call to a website and return me the data as json.

It would not take more then 10 Minutes, i am away from my Desktop so i am outsourcing this here.

Making Curl Calls, I have sample api code too, you just have to modify according to my endpoint and queries.


Please PM Me, No Advance Payment !

[HIRING] Need WordPress / PHP dev to fix a custom plugin problem

I have a custom plugin for WordPress that is now giving an error. Can't even activate the plugin as it gives an error so WordPress won't activate it. The plugin interacts heavily with the database, and the error seems database related. I've already tried database repair. Need this fixed today. I have cpanel, ftp logins. paying paypal $15 USD per hour.

Edit - I have someone looking at it now thx

[Hiring] (Online) PHP developer

Need a simple website that spits back a report to the user following a few commands. For example an IQ test (this project is not an IQ test, those are dumb). The candidate must have built a website that does this. Please pm me a sample of your work.


[For Hire] Web Developer | Will Build Websites from $250

Hello there, Thanks for taking your time to read my Post.

I'm a web developer just starting my business . I'll build your website, rates starting from $250!

If you want to hire me hourly, I charge $25 per hour.


  • Front End - HTML, CSS, Javascript (React), Sass, Libraries like Bootstrap, MaterializeCSS
  • Backend - NodeJS, Express, PHP
  • Database - MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase
  • CMS - WordPress

I can deploy to shared host, Heroku, Netlify, Firebase,

I can help you with simple and complex websites and web applications.

Let me know if you need my services.

Have a great day !

[For Hire] Full Stack PHP/JS Developer to build Websites and Web Apps

Howdy, nice to meet you!

I'm Jack, a freelance web developer from Nottingham, UK with 10+ years experience both freelance and within web development agencies. I've recently moved to full time freelancing and I'm currently looking for more awesome people to work with.

I am predominantly a PHP and JavaScript Developer who can scope, plan and write bespoke solutions for your websites needs. I've had experience with websites from small brochure sites to complete systems designed to run national companies and manage their infrastructure.

What do I do?

  • Bespoke websites and/or APIs using Laravel
  • Hand-crafted websites using Craft/WordPress
  • Single Page Applications using Nuxt.js/Vue.js
  • Commerce with Craft Commerce, WooCommerce or Shopify
  • Integration of external APIs, Services, CRMs or Payment Gateways
  • Bespoke WordPress Plugins


PHP, Tailwind CSS, Sass, Vue, ES6 JavaScript, Nuxt, Laravel, WordPress, Craft 3 CMS, Craft 3 Commerce, Shopify, SQL, jQuery.


I've been freelancing since 2009 on the side and my last role was as a Lead Web Developer within an agency working with global clients.


Typically I charge £40/$50 per hour, but most projects are billed on a per-project/daily basis and would be worked out based on your unique requirements.


If you are interested feel free to message me on here or via my website.


[For Hire] PHP Backend Engineer/ Web Developer

Hi there! My name is Adam and I am Backend Engineer/web developer specialising in back end development. I am based in Melbourne Australia (GMT+10) and I have over 7 years experience in web application's and API development. I am looking for a part time, remote work side gig.

Whats your experience?

  • Web Development using Laravel 5, Symfony 4 and Zend2
  • API Development experience using Lumen
  • Backend Ecommerce system development experience, building services such as subscription calculators and scheduled jobs
  • Designing and building online web forms

How I can help you?

  • I can provide technical guidance about how to structure your application/system and reasons why
  • I can help add new features on your existing project if you need an quick extra set of hands
  • Fixing problems or reducing technical debt on your existing project (I am a big fan of TDD)

Tech Stack?

  • My stack consists of PHP5/PHP7, Javascript/jQuery, SQL, Redis, Docker/Docker-Compose/Ansible

What's my rate?

  • Really depends on whats required also duration of project and role.

  • 80 USD/hour

What kind of opportunities do you prefer?

  • Currently only part time remote (~20 hours per week)

If you are interested by the above then send me a message.

[FOR HIRE] SPECIAL OFFER INSIDE! Senior Full-Stack Web Developer, HIGH PROFICIENCY at ACCESSIBLE RATES [PHP, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Vue.js, Linux, Elasticsearch and many more technologies]

Hi everyone! I'm a web developer since 2008 and I've had the pleasure of working on all kinds of projects, from small websites to enterprise-scale web apps. In the recent years I've worked mostly on the more complex side of things, web apps, large websites as part of a team, APIs for mobile apps. The thing is, I miss creating websites and I want to get back to it. The problem is that I don't have an updated portfolio, at least not of websites. I guess you could say I'm overqualified.

My main skills

  • PHP with frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, Yii, Zend and others and CMS like WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Sulu and others; I also am comfortable to work on in-house frameworks or CMS;
  • JavaScript with frameworks and libraries like Vue.js, jQuery, Angular and many small libraries for specific features, like file upload, media galleries and more;
  • Linux and server admin; I'm mostly familiar with Debian and Ubuntu, but I can work with any distro, very familiar and proficient with the terminal, novice Bash automation skills and able to set up a web server from the ground up with httpd (Apache) or nginx, MySQL, PHP and all the required dependencies;
  • CMS customization with a focus on WordPress, Sulu and OpenCart, I'm able to write plugins, customize or code themes from scratch and extend functionality of existing ones.

My skills include many more tools and programming languages, like Elasticsearch, AWS, Python, NativeScript, Let's Encrypt and any external API that has a documentation at least half-decent.

What I can do for you

Step 1. I will analyze your business and its specific needs and I will suggest you the best solution for your website and how it compares with the alternatives. We can skip this step if you already have a CMS and theme in mind. You will decide which CMS I'll use, if any.

Step 2. You will provide some initial content and/or guidelines regarding the pages, functionality, feeling and style of the website. I will help you optimize the content for the best SEO results.

Step 3. I will develop your website for you using the CMS of your choice, or no CMS if that's what you prefer. While the website is under active development I'll provide constant updates. Depending on the complexity of the website, this step takes from a few hours to a few days.

Step 4. I will deliver the website. The delivery of the websites consists in uploading the website to your server and setting it up (SSL, redirects, seo-friendly urls) and delivering a ZIP archive with the content of the website (a backup of its original state).

Step 5. Unlike most web developers, I'm not done at step 4. After your website is live I help you set up Google Analytics (or other analytics of your choice), API keys for Google Maps and Recaptcha(if you want them on your website), add the website to Google Search Console (the old Google Webmaster Tools) and integrate any other services that are used on the website.

Why work with me

The web development scene is pretty crowded at the moment and I get that. But I bring some advantages to the table. One of them is my ample experience with web applications development, thus being a piece of cake for me to develop custom functionality and integrate with third-parties.

I make you a personalized offer and recommend the best technical stack to fit your requirements and budget. I'm able to deliver a lot more than a WordPress with a theme on it and I won't install 15 plugins just to put your phone number where you want it on the page.

Pricing and delivery

They both depend on the CMS you choose and the complexity of the website. But as a reference price, for a WordPress website with a premium theme and where you deliver the entire content, images and already have a logo, the price would start at $250 and the delivery time is 48 hours (unless I'm booked at the moment, in which case I'll let you know upfront) from the moment you provide all the required assets (content, images, logo) and requirements (style, functionality, color scheme).

Special offer

Since I don't have a recent portfolio and the websites I've developed in the past are either expired domains or have been updated and don't reflect my work any more, I'm going to make large discounts for the first 10 clients that come from this thread.

There are a few conditions for the discount to be applied:

  1. the discount doesn't apply to websites that are not intended to go public;
  2. I must have the right to add the website to my public portfolio;
  3. the discounted price can't be lower than $250;
  4. the discount is up to 50% of the quote, it varies based on the complexity and is negotiable;
  5. only websites developed with a CMS are eligible for a discount;
  6. the discount doesn't apply to websites related to weed or adult content (I want a clean portfolio);

Looking forward to launch your new websites soon.

[For Hire][15USD/Hour] Website Design and Management

Hey There,

I can help your business with:

Website Design and Management
Social media management and Content creation
Customer service support
Internet research
Data entry
Administrative support

I'm know my way around Wordpress and we can work to make your website better, faster and with more content! I even know some Server administration skills such as install apache,php, mysql, wordpress. Login via sftp, ftp, I'll do just about anything! If I do not know something Im always eager to learn!

If you're looking for a cheap, long-term hire, I'm your best option!

Lets start working today!

[For Hire] [15USD/Hour] PHP Developer &lt;&gt; Wordpress Developer &lt;&gt; Tester

Here is some of my skills:

  • Develop WP Plugins, Themes
[For Hire] Experienced senior developer for web/desktop/mobile application, blockchain, game, using C++, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java, C#, and more


  • 20 years professional programmer.
  • More than 12 years working in large global gaming companies.
  • Created several open source projects.
  • My personal website for more information.

I can do

  • Develop web front and back end using PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap.
  • Tools and utilities development. Web scrappers, automation tools.
  • Develop applications, utility tools, games for desktop (Windows, Linux) and mobile.
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain related technologies.
  • Programming mentor and consultant.

My portfolio, I created all these projects

  • eventpp library. It's a C++ library for event dispatcher and callback list.
  • eventjs library. It's a JavaScript library for event dispatcher and callback list (a sister library of eventpp).
  • cpgf library. It's a very complicated open source cross platform C++ library that adds reflection, serialization and script binding to standard C++.
  • Gincu library. It's an open source 2D cross platform game engine written in C++ and cpgf.
  • Jincu library. It's an open source 2D game engine and framework written in JavaScript ES6.
  • markdown utilities. It's a collection of Perl scripts to manipulate markdown files.
  • I developed my personal website and the blogging system on from scratch

My technology stack

  • Cross platform C++ (very experienced), Boost, Qt5, wxWidget, etc.
  • Python 2/3
  • PHP (Laravel), MySQL, JavaScript (jQuery, ES6, ReactJs), Bootstrap, Semantic UI
  • Java, C#
  • I can master any new technology quickly

My advantages

  • I'm reliable. I keep my promise. I do my best to finish your job.
  • I'm affordable. My price is only a fraction of a Silicon Valley programmer in the US that's equally qualified.
  • I produce high quality result. I pursue high quality in both code and products.
  • I am very experienced and professional. I have been developing software and games since 2000 and have been learning C++ since 1995.

Payment methods

TransferWise, Paypal, Bitcoin. 50% upfront, 50% after I finish the project and before I send you the final product/code. Negotiable.

Hours I can work

Depending on the project, I can work about 10~20 hours each week.

Where am I

I work remotely. I live in Beijing, China, GMT+8.

My fee and rate

I charge a fixed fee for each project.
My general fee is far lower than a senior developer with my experience level in the US Bay Area, but also don't expect my fee is as low as a middle level developer from other low end freelancer sites.
Approximate fee for typical projects, in USD

  • Trivial - small projects: 3-4 figures
  • Small - medium projects: 4-5 figures
  • Medium - Large projects: 5 figures and more

The fee varies depending on the project type and the technology, and negotiable.

You get more than what you pay for

If you are looking for high quality development and don't want to waste your time and money, contact me, you will get very good results for your money.

To contact me, either PM me on Reddit, or contact me on my personal website

[For Hire] Full Stack Developer - Wordpress/Shopify/Automation/Affiliate Marketing - Python/PHP/JS/React/Wordpress and more...

I'm available for short term and long term projects. Big or small. If you have a long term big project then great, I'm a fast learner and will get onboard quick.

Rates starting at $150 usd per day.

Portfolio and contact information: [](


[For Hire] Front-End Developer [Vue.js, WordPress, Shopify and PHP]


I am a front-end dev from The Netherlands. I would love to take on new projects and build the website you will need! I am having 2 years of freelance experience at this moment.

For most projects I use a fixed rate between 750 and 1000 dollar/euro. For more complex projects we need to discuss all the details before I can give you a correct price.

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or if you want to discuss your project!

Cheers :)

[For Hire] Web Developer PHP/MYSQL [30USD/Hour]

Full Stack Developer interested in working on Affiliate Marketing , Landing Pages, Adsense websites. My focus is on delivering sites that have a fast load time under 1 second.

If you are using Site builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder, they add a considerable amount of weight to your site, from 2 to 6 seconds. Building a Custom WordPress theme can improve your load times, and help you rank Higher on google and get their traffic!

Interested in working on sites that are using or planning to use Schema markup also known as Microdata, to even further help the search engine to understand your niche.

Send me a PM with your Email, Website, Budget and Timeline.

[For Hire] Professional Fullstack Laravel/PHP Web Developer.


Portfolio Link :-

My self Parth Patel and I am Professional Fullstack Laravel/PHP Web Developer.

I have 4+ year of experience with complete site builds as well as working on existing sites.

I have experties to tweak and modify built-in features and functionality of templates and create a unique design and UX by integrating the latest contemporary services.

I have hands-on expertise in Laravel API generator packages that help us to create RESTful solutions, which can communicate with third-party clients like mobiles and extend your reach up to a vast audience of the mobile landscape.

I'm capable of building full administrator panel for adding/modifying/deleting products, users, etc, good experience using API's/developing them, and can convert your mockup design into a website.

I am highly responsive to your queries and issues to attend in post-development lifecycle of your solutions have won the hearts of my esteemed clients.

Skills ---------


  HTML5 , CSS3 , SASS , Bootstrap , Materialize


  Vue Js , Javascript , jQuery , Angular Js , Typescript , Ionic


  PHP , Laravel , Lumen , Mysql , PostgreSQL , MongoDB

Build Tools

  Webpack , Gulp , Bower , Github , Heroku , Jira , Bitbucket

skype Id :- parth.fadadu

Hourly Rate :- $20/hr

[For Hire] Experienced web designer and developer (Adobe Suite, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Shopify)

Hi there,

My name is Callum, I'm an experienced web designer and developer with 8 years of industry experience.

I'm looking to create online solutions for clients, from eCommerce, to portfolios and landing pages. I can take it from a design stage all the way to development. I've learned numerous CMS such as WordPress, Magento and Shopify over the years so I'll be able to provide you with a platform that works for you.

Examples: (Design and Development) (Development) (Assisted design)

My hourly rate is $15 per hour but I prefer working on a per project basis if possible. Please message me to talk about your project.


[Hiring] (Remote) Improve Layout (CSS) of WordPress Site and Add SQL/PHP Functionality

Site Summary:

• This site will allow someone to submit their street address, and the site checks for a matching address in my SQL table. If my SQL table has a matching address, then a particular value is shown on the page for the visitor to view.

• All SQL tables have been created and populated. There are only 3 tables, and you will only need to use a few columns from each.

• I need someone with PHP and HTML/CSS experience to design the layout and appearance of the site, and to create the PHP functionality.

• I have created very detailed workflows, which show you how the site should behave.

• You are not responsible for creating any graphics/art. I do have one image that would like placed on the home page, and a placeholder image for the logo.


• Home – Where 99% of interactions will happen. I have attached a rough draft of my homepage idea.

• 404 Page – Just a basic 404 page, and I will provide 1 image to use on it.


• User Accounts – Not needed.

• Domain – I have already set up the domain and began to test code. I’m using A2 for hosting, and WordPress. You will be given a developer account for access.

• SQL Security – Please use secure SQL and PHP practices to prevent SQL injections.

• Mobile – The CSS should allow for mobile and desktop usage.

• All timestamps should be stored as UTC, and use the 24 hour convention.

• Dropdowns – Dropdown selectors should be used for the ‘input_state’ and ‘input_delivery_time’ variables. I have written the PHP code for those, which you are free to use if you choose.

• Visitor IP Address – I’ve got a few lines of PHP which retrieve the visitor’s IP. You may use my code, or your own.

• DDOS - Let me know your thoughts on preventing DDOS or spam. I think that once a visitor with the same IP address submits 30 queries within 30 minutes, then the site refuses to submit anymore of their queries within those 30 minutes. But I’m open to considering alternatives.

• On the homepage, the visitor can enter their address. The asterisk (*) indicate required fields. If a required field is empty when submitted, a prompt should instruct the visitor to use the required field.

• When trying to find a matching address value in the tables, the matches should be case-insensitive, and punctuation should be ignored.

o Example:

‘108 Elm St.’ should match ‘108 Elm St’  (Note the missing period).  

• The 'input_delivery_time' is a dropdown with options like '11:00', '11:15', '11:30', etc... For 'vis_hour' and 'vis_minute' on the 'vis_input' table, the hour and minutes from 'input_delivery_time' should be used.

o For example:

input_delivery_time == 11:15  

vis_hour.vis_input = 11  

vis_minute.vis_input = 15  

Home Page Notes:

• On the left of the homepage is where the visitor can enter their info. Once the visitor submits it, then the table on the right should populate with the appropriate data.

• When the visitor first opens the site, the table on the right should be pre-populated with the data seen in my example. This is to show the visitor an example. Once the visitor inputs their actual address data, then the table on the right should populate with the visitor’s results, and the word “(EXAMPLE)” should disappear.

• I will provide 1 image to use as a background, and should be placed roughly between the form and table on the homepage.

• I will provide 1 placeholder image for the logo in the top left corner.

• On the home page draft, I designated approximately where I think the page break should go with a black line.

• There should be a FAQ section (as seen in my draft). This should be a dropdown (accordion?) FAQ. I haven’t written the FAQ yet, so just use any placeholder text.

Budget: $250 USD. I can pay via PayPal, Venmo, or Credit Card (if you can process it). Timeline: I'd like for this to be completed within 2 weeks of when you are selected for hire. Reference Images:

You may contact me via PM.

Thank you very much for considering my job posting. I am a backend developer, so I will be reasonable with my expectations. Please let me know if anything is unclear.


[Hiring] PHP Coder Needed for A Couple Site Bug Fixes


I run a website that functions as a content archive. I'm looking for a PHP coder to help me fix a couple bugs ahead of a site relaunch. I don't have a lot of time on my hands and with the date approaching very quickly, I need a second pair of hands for about 5-7 fixes.

The pay is $16 hour, perhaps negotiable (though I'd really like to remain at this rate if possible.) Ideally, I'm looking for someone familiar with legacy code and who's available immediately (as in, right now) as I have a target date everything needs to be done. There will very likely be more work in the future as well.

[HIRING] PHP Developer needed for a tweak in the application (2 outputs need to be added, based on the calculation)

Hello, I need a small tweak on my application.

A customer can order a board and they input the dimensions in the configurator. On the bottom of the order, there needs to be board surface in m2 displayed. Also for each board, there can be added border on each side. At the end of the order, there also needs to be displayed, how much border we need for the boards.

I have an image with additional information and process description, so if you are interested in fixing that for me, I can share more details with you.

Please contact me on PM and include your hourly rate.

[Hiring] PHP based web form

I need to create a very simple PHP web form that writes to a database. It needs to have things like 'How many apples do you want' and then a drop down for say 1,2,3,I don't know. This is on a self hosted web site and I'm looking to have very simple php/html code that I can edit and update myself. The database is MySQL (also self hosted) and I'll need to know the details to create the database (tables, etc) as well as maybe some short details on expanding it

Ideally I'd like to have it multi-page with headings like 'Fruits' and then ask questions about fruits, 'Vegatables', etc. aesthetically pleasing would be nice as well.

The less complex the better (in regards to php, database code, etc)

Budget ballpark? Say $50 since I'm guessing this should take an hour or two

[HIRING] PHP Developer needed for a small change in the application. Simple task, the pay is $20.

Hello, I need a small tweak on my application.

A customer can order a board and they input the dimensions in the configurator. On the bottom of the order, there needs to be board surface in m2 displayed. Also for each board, there can be added border on each side. At the end of the order, there also needs to be displayed, how much border we need for the boards.

I have an image with additional information and process description, so if you are interested in fixing that for me, I can share more details with you.

Please contact me on PM.

[Hiring] (Online/Remote) Full Stack PHP Developer to join and lead our development team.

We are looking to hire a full stack PHP developer to join our team, on a long term basis, for the next few years or longer. We are looking for someone who could potentially lead our development team in the future. We can provide 40 hours a week of regular work and have a budget up to $60 per hour depending on experience.


PHP experience with at least 1 MVC framework.
Experience working with other developers.
Experience working with a VCS.
Ability to work well within an existing codebase.
Strong problem solving ability.
Available during EST working hours 9AM-5PM.
Good communication skills, fluent english (written and spoken).
Able to commit to at least 30 hours per week. 


Experience with Vue.JS.
Experience with Laravel.
Experience with CodeIgniter.
Experience with GIT/Github.
Experience with Linux.
Experience with Slack/Jira/Trello.
Experience with Docker.

Experience leading a team.
Experience doing code reviews.

Based in the UK, Florida or New Jersey.

To apply, please include a brief summary of your skills and experience as well as a Skype ID I can use to contact you.

[Hiring] Seeking talented PHP developer to create recommendation website

Hello, I am seeking a PHP developer to assist with the development of a relatively small project. The details of the first phase of the project are below, with a goal of adding on functionality such as Salesforce and Facebook integration if successful. My budget for this initial phase is around $200.

This project is to develop a website that provides recommendations to the user on what community events to attend based on questions they answer. The site will use a recommendation API, Recombee to do recommendation analysis and then should use a framework to present the information in a virtually rich format. The events are posted to the platform by community partners.

More specifically, we are looking to develop a website that: - Collects user preferences and information via a survey (10-15 questions with limited branch logic). Survey should present one question at a time and auto advance to next question. - After the survey is complete, send user data to recommendation service (Recombee). - Present users with upcoming events with recommendations highlighted and displayed first. Display options using tiles with representative picture, event date and time, and title. Tiles should include button to add to favorites. - Provide users with options to filter and sort events by attributes. Filters should collapse when not being viewed and instantly filter tiles without need to refresh. - Allow users to view event details by clicking tile (e.g., start/end time, sponsoring organization, location, website for details, etc). Users can favorite events they are interested in which can be filtered later. Users can copy direct URL to share with friends (button to automatically copy URL). - Website should be mobile optimized and adaptable for various web browsers. - Survey results, user data, events recommended, events viewed, events favorited, filters set, and events with copied URL shall be stored in a MySQL database. - An interface shall be provided to allow website administrators to add events with parameters. - Use a cookie to identify user. When user visits site again, re-run recommendations and restore filters set at previous visit. If no cookie is found, when user enters email address at start of survey, if existing user found, skip the rest of the survey and re-store cookie. - User shall be able to re-take quiz if desired. - The developer should recommend and use a robust framework that provides opportunities for reuse and accelerators for future development work. Framework used should be approved. - Site should be rich in visual design, components, and interactivity. - Developer should use best coding practices. Language is PHP.

[Hiring] (Online) Web Developer For Ongoing Projects (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS)

I'm looking for a developer to assist with a number of ongoing projects. I primarily work with vanilla PHP.

Preferred skills/knowledge:

  • PHP 7, and principles of OOP
  • composer
  • Linux command line
  • basic knowledge of git
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap

Any skills with HTML and CSS are a bonus really.

Strong written and verbal English is required. I typically work between the hours of 8 AM and 7 PM EST. You do not need to work the exact same hours as me, but I need to be able to reach you during the day to discuss status, new assignments, etc.

Pay will be at minimum $20/hour. Rate increases with level of experience. I would anticipate starting at 10 hours per week, but expect that to increase significantly in the coming months.

Please PM me so we can discuss further. If you have a github/bitbucket that I can take a look at, please send that along too.

[Hiring] Full Stack Developer (VueJS, NodeJS, PHP, MySQL)


I'm looking for a developer to work with my current developer in finishing up a meal planning web app and then integrating it into my website. It should be a few month's worth of work, and may turn into a long-term ongoing project.

Simply put, we're looking for someone with experience in:

  • NodeJS + PHP
  • MySQL (relational databases) for backend, VueJS
  • HTML/CSS for front-end
  • Knowledge in Git and webpack(bundler)

The API is written in PHP and holds the apps endpoints, and the recipe endpoints database. The app is written Vue.Js as well.

Please PM me with experience you have with these, any portfolio/website you may have. In your PM please tell me if you have experience with the ketogenic diet or have a good knowledge of cooking as this is a plus (we manipulate a lot of ingredients). Even if you do not have experience in these 2, let me know because I will ignore any PM that does not mention these to weed out automated PMs.

The top candidates will be interviewed with the current developer. Budget range is flexible and depends on the developer, but happy to offer anywhere from $20-50/hr or come to an agreement on flat rate per milestone. Several thousand lines of the app have already been written and it's mostly functional at the moment.

We use Telegram for communication - this is a must.

[Hiring] (Milton Keynes, UK) Web Developers (PHP, JS, MySQL, HTML, CSS)

The digital agency I work at in Milton Keynes are looking to take on junior and mid weight developers. More detail on our careers page here:

If you're only ticking a few of the boxes, don't hesitate to get in touch anyway, as a good fit and talent are important to us. Melon is a great place to work, friendly bunch of people with a great working environment. We work hard but only during strict office hours.

We need our new developers to work on location at our office near Milton Keynes UK. No remote, sorry

Any questions, DM me or get in contact through the Melon website.

[HIRING] Looking for someone to completely redesign a PHP script for a website.

Budget would be $50 (ballpark budget).

I have this completely functional PHP script, but I want the design to be completely changed from the default/original design. Nothing complicated and nothing specific, simply entirely different from the original. Again, nothing specific.

My knowledge on PHP scripts and how they work are quite limited, be sure to PM me for more information and let’s see if we can work together.

[HIRING] ESL Teachers and Curriculum Developers!

The school year is about to start! China's most prestigious schools and companies are still accepting applications, setting up interviews, and finalizing work agreements. Below you will find a short list of positions at schools and companies that are especially active in their current recruiting efforts, and are looking to hire qualified individuals like yourself in preparation for the summer or autumn academic terms.

Here are the positions for which our schools and companies are actively interviewing and hiring.


Type of school: Training Center
Location: Suzhou
Start Date: ASAP
Positions Available: ESL Teacher
Length of Contract: 12 months
Students Age: 2-5 years old
Salary: 20K-25K RMB ($3,000-$3,600)
Housing: Apartment provided
Schedule: 5 working days per week, 2 days off
Airfare: Provided
Curriculum: Provided
Healthcare: Provided

-Native English speaker
-2 years of teaching experience
-Teaching certificate (preferred)
-Bachelor's degree



Type of school: Private Language School
Location: Beijing, China
Start Date: September or October 2019
Positions Available: Teacher
Length of Contract: 12 months
Students Age: 6-16 years old
Salary: 15K-25K RMB ($2,200-$3,700)
Housing: 4K RMB ($600) stipend or Free Apartment
Schedule: 5 working days per week, >30 teaching hours
Airfare: Provided
Curriculum: Provided
Healthcare: Provided

-Native English speaker
-Teaching certificate (preferred)
-Bachelor's degree
-2 years or more of relevant experience



Type of school: Online Education Company
Location: Zhongguancun, Beijing, China
Start Date: ASAP
Positions Available: Curriculum Development Specialist or English Teacher
Length of Contract: 12 months
Students Age: 2-5 years old
Salary: up to 30K RMB ($4,400)
Housing: Negotiable
Schedule: 5-6 days per week, 8 hour work days
Airfare: Provided
Curriculum: Provided
Healthcare: Provided

-Native English speaker
-Extensive teaching experience (required)
-Curriculum design experience (preferred for Curriculum Development Specialist)
-Bachelor's degree



Type of school: Private Language School
Location: Shenzhen, China
Start Date: ASAP
Positions Available: Teacher
Length of Contract: 12 months
Students Age: 6-16 years old
Salary: 16K-24K RMB ($2,400-$3,500)
Housing: Negotiable
Schedule: 5 working days per week, >30 teaching hours
Airfare: Provided
Curriculum: Provided
Healthcare: Provided

-Native English speaker
-Teaching certificate (preferred)
-Bachelor's degree
-2 years or more of relevant experience



Type of school: Training Center
Location: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
Start Date: ASAP
Positions Available: ESL Teacher
Length of Contract: 12 months
Students Age: 3-12 years old
Salary: up to 30K RMB ($4,400)
Housing: Provided
Schedule: 5 working days per week, 2 days off
Airfare: Provided
Curriculum: Provided
Healthcare: Provided

-Native English speaker
-Teaching certificate (preferred)
-Bachelor's degree



Type of school: University
Location: Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Start Date: ASAP
Positions Available: English Teacher
Length of Contract: 12 months
Students Age: 18-22
Salary: 12K RMB ($1,800)
Housing: Negotiable
Schedule: No more than 15 teaching hours per week
Airfare: Provided
Curriculum: Provided
Healthcare: Provided

-Native English speaker
-Teaching certificate (preferred)
-Bachelor's degree
-2 years or more of relevant experience


For information on the cost of living in these cities, please click these links:

Cost of living in Beijing:
Cost of living in Suzhou:
Cost of living in Shenzhen:
Cost of living in Wenzhou:
Cost of living in Taizhou:

For informational articles on living and working in China, visit:

If you are interested in applying to any of our available positions, please send a recent CV and a recent photo to include with applications to If you have a self-intro video, please forward that as well.

To expedite your application, please download WeChat on your smartphone, then search for and add my Wechat ID: Jadien

[FOR HIRE] Multiple skills in one guy for all your needs!

Hey there! This is a 19 year old Indian student here. Currently, a student pursuing his Computer Engineering degree while playing games and wanting to help people.
Anyway, enough of the small talk, the main reason I am on this sub is well because my college starts in a few months and I am trying real hard to get myself to earn enough to pay for my college tuition.
Really looking for a long term job that can help me get on my feet and establish myself as an adult.

So, what am I offering you guys, one might ask?

The professional tasks that I am capable of, are -

  • Video Editing (Trimming, Stitching up multiple videos, Montages, Compilations - 'Click Over Here' for examples)
  • Image Editing (Photoshop Details, Merging Images, Removing Backgrounds)
  • Audio Editing (Enhancing Audio, Focusing on vocals, Mixing/Merging audios)
  • Writing (Poetry, Short Stories, Article Writing, Copywriting, Blog Posts, Video Scripts, Play Scripts .. I mean, basically everything that involves coming up with stuff, I have a really strong creative side!)
  • Minimalist Art (Even though I am not very good at it, I am pretty sure you will definitely like it - 'Click Here'for examples)
  • Website Building (From basic to some really good ones, can even help design websites from website makers)
  • Resume/Cover Letter Review/Editing (Helping you edit your resume, Suggesting ideas and tips, Making cover letters)
  • Personal Assistance (Handling emails, replying to messages, scheduling plans, providing advises, MS Office help and more!)

And that was the professional section. What can I do other than that? -

  • Do you want a quick Discord Server built?
  • Data Entry tasks?
  • Programming Help - JAVA, HTML, PHP, CSS .. I know them as good as the back of my hand ;)
  • Need a voice actor? I can help you out even with my voice!
  • Basically anything small. Really, just go ahead and ask. If I can, I'll let you know.

Finally, let's sit down and talk business. The money part. Hehe.

  • I do not work on an hourly basis. I work on the quality of the work + getting it done basis. But if you prefer hiring me that way, I am good with it too! Any and all "professional tasks" begin from $15 (pretty cheap amirite?) and obviously, the more complex a task, the more it'll cost ehe. *But\* don't you worry friend, hang in there, the best part about me is, I let you quote the price. Oh, das hawt. If I like what you quote, we go ahead, if not, we can always negotiate ;)
  • "Other tasks" are very flexible. Depending on the quantity and size of the Data Entry tasks, I will work for $0.1, $0.5, or even $1 per entry.
    Discord Servers are hopefully cheaper than market price. I will create an account, build a server, add bots, give permissions ... all of this for $10 (+$1 for PayPal taxes depending on where you live hihi)

Anyway, thank you so much for giving this a read and giving me your time. Oh wait, this became quite a lengthy post. Is it also in Reddit's customs to add a potato at the end? Or is it just stoopid 9gag?

Okay, I know what I can do.

TL;DR - Indian teen does jobs for cheap.
(Have a good day y'all!)

[Hiring] (Online) PHP &amp; Front End (HTML / CSS / JS) Web Developer


We're looking for an experienced PHP developer to work with us on a lightweight, responsive theme for an existing Zend-based platform.

Ideally we're looking for someone with experience with Zend Framework, RWD and Zurb Foundation. The base theme has already been created so we're estimating there's about 10-14 hours work remaining.

Please provide your rate and examples of your relevant work and experience (e.g. GitHub/GitLab, LinkedIn).


[Hiring] PHP Script to Create Animated GIF from multiple base64 png blobs.


I need a PHP script that has one real purpose - combine various base64 png image blobs into an animated gif. Need optimized for speed.

Budget is around $75

[Hiring] (Frederick, MD) Full-stack Developer – Front-end Specialist – jQuery/LAMP/PHP

Full-stack Developer – Front-end Specialist – jQuery/LAMP/PHP

To apply, please send me a PM and I will reply with my email address.


We are recruiting a mid-to-senior programmer for an onsite, full-time position in Frederick, Maryland.

Preference for local candidates or those that can relocate to the Frederick, MD area. US-based, remote candidates may be considered if a local candidate is not found. International candidates need not apply.

The salary range for senior candidates is 90 – 105K+ with benefits. Mid-level candidates in the 75-90K range will be considered. The company is located in a more rural part of MD so compensation is more in line with mid-market cities rather than the DC/Beltway area.

The programmer will work primarily on the front-end, but needs back-end experience to assist with various ongoing projects.

Coding is primarily in jQuery framework with CakePHP, using MVC patterns, MySQL and a custom framework. Candidates with LAMP Stack experience are highly desired, but we can consider candidates with strong front-end experience and some Object-Oriented Programming experience which includes some PHP work. Candidates should have strong jQuery, Bootstrap and Git experience.

We are looking for developers that are self-motivated and can work independently w/o supervision. The work schedule is generally Eastern Time regular business hours, but there is some flex scheduling available. OT is rare.

Skills / Experience:

  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent work experience

  • 5+ Years Internet development industry experience

  • Full-stack experience with strength on front-end development.

  • Excellent Knowledge in HTML/CSS/JS

  • jQuery or similar JS framework

  • OOP (PHP preferred)

  • MVC (CakePHP preferred)

  • SQL (MySQL preferred). Some DBA abilities/experience desired.

  • Version Control (SVN or Git)

  • Bootstrap

  • Photoshop

[Hiring] Remote Senior PHP Developer - US/Canada ONLY - $100-135K + benefits


I'm looking to hire two more senior PHP developers to work on Sonar ( The ideal candidate will have prior experience working on large enterprise software and a wealth of knowledge in PHP and building scalable software. If this sounds like you, read on!

Sonar is an enterprise level ISP application. It's a SPA built with Laravel and Vue.js. Our new version runs on a GraphQL API, with PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, and TimescaleDB in the backend. We have a great CI/CD system setup using CircleCI, and all backend code is fully tested and automated.

You'll be responsible for working on new modules for Sonar, and improving existing features. You should be capable of working independently in a remote capacity, and have a good working environment available. The job expectation is 40 hours a week, Mon-Fri - the hours you work are flexible as long as you can be available to meet when necessary.

This is a full time position - no contractors, and I'm not interested in any recruiters or contract developers. We are hiring in the US and Canada only - no exceptions. Applicants in Western Canada are preferred, but not required.

Please send your resume to []( and let me know if you have any questions!

[Hiring] fullstack developer to help finish my project

Hello, I am hiring a developer to bring my project out of the mud and finish it up.

Skills required - knowledge of nodejs, php ( laravel) - devops knowledge

- css, bootstrap, jquery, vue.js

Looking for a developer who not only can program but can look at the business side of development

Please pm me your resume if you are interested and we will discuss further

Compensation is $15-$100 / hr depending on experience .

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions!

[Hiring] Looking to build out 1 page (Wordpress/PHP friendly)

I'm looking to build a homepage for a community based site (using Buddypress community theme). The homepage should look and feel like this:

Ideally, the text effect on the left of the page will change with pre-determined text. On the right side, there will be two buttons. One to register, and one to login in. FOR the register section, the first step to register is to put a specific name that on the backend will test to see if it matches with a list of names (think "what's the magic word?"). Only if someone enters the right name, will they be allowed to register.

Bonus points ($$$) if you can help setup a fluid sign up process that's WORDPRESS and BUDDYPRESS friendly.

Budget is $100+ but must be completed by end of week. Edit. As I'm clearly not a designer/developer, emphasis on the "+".

You will be asked to work with my developer directly. When responding, please be sure to provide your email contact info and expected compensation.

[Hiring] PHP &amp; Javascript, Laravel professional -&gt; Looking for help [partner] in finalizing and deploying site

Overview: I was bored and decided to learn some PHP & Laravel. Next thing you know, it's been a month pounding away, learning a ton, and I sit here with a quasi-functioning pet project. Where the site currently works as intended and I'm honestly quite proud of the monstrosity I've created, there are a few kinks and a handful of features that I don't realistically have the time or skillset to take on. That is where you come into play :)

Task(s): Beyond the need for some general code review and refactoring, the core tasks currently are:

  • Integrate 3rd party API call - call and store 4 elements from well-documented API
  • Laravel AUTH helper review - I'm relatively confident this is all complete and working but could use validation given the importance
  • Front-end - I'm going for a bare-bones aesthetic but even then, could use some general once-over of CSS and Bootstrap as currently implemented. I'm certainly not a designer and could use some creative perspective here.

Compensation: I would like to stick in the $30/hr range dependent on experience. I'm hoping to establish a longer-term relationship to allow larger chunking of stories and tasks. If all goes as planned, I will need to deploy eventually (yikes).

Ideal Candidate:

  • Technically skilled and experienced with a portfolio/examples of some previous work
    • Laravel, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, Datatables, Git, API
  • Good communicator - I'll be in there with you so communication will be key
    • I'm UTC-6h and would ideally like to align non-sleeping hours
  • Creative in solutions
    • The site subject matter is very much my domain of expertise but I would look for someone comfortable in providing feedback and suggestions, or criticism and pointing to opportunities

Look forward to connecting!

[HIRING] PHP | HTML5 | CSS | Wordpress | WooCommerce Developer Needed to build an application that would be displayed on Wordpress website. More info inside. PM if you are interested!

Hi guys, I am looking for a web developer who could build me an application that would be displayed on specific wordpress website.

The application probably needs PHP, HTML5 and CSS3 only and it needs to work like this:

  1. Step: User chooses Color - Click on Icon "Choose Color" -> Choose between colors that are displayed on a pop-up screen
  2. Step: User puts in a value between 200 and 2720 (length) and a second value between 70 and 1000 (width)
  3. Step: User checks which borders will be rounded (checkpoints)
  4. Step: User chooses quantity

After those steps are completed, the application must calculate the price of an order based on users inputs. User then has an option to order said products based on the calculated price.

After a click on "Order" has been made, there must be a dropdown or a pop-up where user can put in his address, name etc. and then everything needs to be sent to specific e-mail address.

If you believe you are able to do the described application, please contact me and I can share more details, sketches of said application etc.

Also include your portfolio and your hourly rate / approx. price you believe is right for this type of application.

Best regards